Installation Where do I get &knode;? &install.intro.documentation; Requirements If you want to successfully install &knode;, you need &kde; 3.x; if, in addition, you want to use &knode; as an offline newsreader, you need a local news server, ⪚ leafnode. Compile and install &knode; is part of the tdenetwork package of &kde; 3.x and is installed together with it, provided you have chosen to install the tdenetwork package; so, in general, there is no need for a user to compile the sources of &knode;. &install.compile.documentation; Notes about updating an older version of &knode; This section contains notes about what to take care of when installing a newer version of &knode; with an older version already installed. Changes in configuration files and folders Since version 0.2 the format of the configuration files and the saved articles has changed, so unfortunately, your old configuration files cannot be imported. If you update from a version >= 0.4 the local folders will automatically be converted into the new format; you will then be unable to use the data with an older version of &knode; any more.