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+New: KPowersave 0.7.3
+Note: The last release is now 4 months ago, so the NEWS are longer than
+ normal. For all changes read the Changelog.
+Major changes since the last version/release:
+ - added new dialog to show logfiles if a suspend/resume fail and allow
+ the user to save the log (need to get enabled per distro)
+ - added support to handle brightness key events if the machine not already
+ handle this in the hardware directly
+ - added new feature named autodimm to reduce the brightness of the display
+ if the user is inactive and dimm up if the user get active again
+ - new dialog shown up 30 seconds before autosuspend call the suspend to
+ warn the user and allow chancel the suspend
+ - added code to work with new PolicyKit/ConsoleKit/HAL combi to check if
+ the user is privileged (for HAL >= 0.5.10 and related PolicyKit versions)
+ - added code to check if the current desktop session is avtive and handle
+ if the session get inactive (via ConsoleKit)
+ - added code to release/aquire org.freedesktop.Policy.Power if the session
+ get inactive/active to allow powersaved or other active KPowersave
+ instances to handle powermanagement
+ - prepared KPowersave to work also with HAL >= 0.5.10 (handle renamed
+ policy names in HAL)
+ - use now kdebug functions instead of own macros, added --dbg-trace option
+ to allow trace function entry and leave points.
+Minor changes:
+ - added wodim to autosuspend blacklist
+ - changed logic for resume if a timeout happen
+ - change default timeout to fake keyevent for locked screen to 2.5 sec
+ - don't fake key event after locked screen and lidopen if config variable
+ timeToFakeKeyAfterLock < 0
+ - added new config variable (callSetPowerSaveOnAC in [General] section)
+ to disable call SetPowerSave() on HAL.
+ - fix code to guess if a 6-hour-timeout occours while suspend/resume or
+ if there was really a error
+ - removed Portuguese version of the help, since only one paragraph was
+ translated
+ - fixed configure script to detect if we should use HAL to get information
+ about policies instead of PolicyKit
+ - force update detailed dialog on AC events to get always e.g. the
+ correct scheme info in the dialog
+ - reworked code for mouse wheel events to reuse code for brightness keys
+ - several HAL/D-Bus/PolicyKit/ConsoleKit related fixes/updates
+ - cleanup code, fixed compiler warnings, added new functions to removed
+ doubled code
+ - fixed problems with usage of enum cpufreq_type: don't assign integer
+ values to a enum (lead to segfault since enum is a 8bit char object)
+ - fixed wrong unit for power consumption (removed 'h' from unit)
+ - only suspend on button events if we resumed to avoid double suspends
+ - several fixes to make signals from HAL/DBus idependent from the QT
+ eventloop due to problems with the QT3 DBus bindings
+ - several patches from Mandriva ( to fix problems
+ with translations, format messages, speedup build and memory leaks
+ - fixed detection if brightness is really supported by the system
+ - call setPowerSave() always depending on AC state if a scheme get set.
+ - use float for internal calculation of battery values
+ - When use DBUS_TYPE_BOOLEAN use as variable type dbus_bool_t to avoid
+ possible trouble on big endian machines
+Fixed bugs (from if no other comment):
+ - #182609: autosuspend warn dialog, feature request
+ - #229234: kpowersave does not fall back to userspace governor
+ - #256372: make HAL events independent from QT eventloop
+ - #257326: ignore battery warnings if on AC
+ - #266243: check info.capability and not info.category for laptop_panel
+ - #274705: feature request autodimm
+ - #282640: fixed brightness up/down handling
+ - #284622: fixed segfault
+ - #293707: de.po: missing space between text and ellipsis (...)
+ - #298332: crash, fixed typo
+ - #299577: disable Yast module on >= openSUSE 10.3
+ - #301692: fix switch schemes on AC events, fixed detection session
+ state, fixed possible segfault on ix86
+ - #302493: don't use kdFatal() befor exit(), it would look like a crash
+ - #303963: fix segfault if XDG_SESSION_COOKIE is not set
+ - #307431: prevent AC notifications if session state get changed
+ - #309491: fixed code to free KProcess object if gnome-screensaver runs
+ - Debian #413638: if config dialog is minimized and the user try to
+ start config dialog via applet reactivate the dialog.
+ - Debian #413811: fails to notify if suspend-to-ram fails
+ - (K)Ubuntu #94396: stop autosuspend before suspend
+Tranlation updates:
+ - german: Danny Kukawka
+ - arabic: Youssef Chahibi
+ - slovenian: Jure Repinc
+ - several other from
+New: KPowersave 0.7.2 (development tree/unstable)
+ This version is a major step to the next KPowersave stable version.
+ At first: you don't need to change the KPowersave config file manually
+ any longer - this version provide now all options for powermanagement
+ in KPowersave via the updated and extended configure dialog.
+ You can find all changes since the last release in this file or in the
+ Changelog. Please test KPowersave and feel free to report bugs to the
+ powersave-devel mailinglist or for SUSE products via the Novell bugzilla.
+ Because of the changes in the GUI the most translations are not
+ up-to-date. Feel free to checkout the source, update your translations
+ file and send it to us.
+Major changes since the last version:
+ - extended configure dialog to provide this functionality:
+ * schemes settings:
+ - add new and delete existing (no default) schemes
+ - define a CPU Frequency policy for each scheme
+ * general settings:
+ - define battery warning levels and actions if a level reached
+ as e.g. Suspend to disk, Shutdown or change the brightness
+ - configure actions for button events (Power/Lid/Suspend/Sleep)
+ - define the default AC and battery schemes
+ - show the power consumtion of the battery in the detailed info dialog
+ - umount external media before suspend (need a patch of the KDE media
+ manager) to avoid data loss and remount on resume
+ - reset the CPU Freq settings on resume to avoid different settings for
+ the CPU governor on multicore machines
+ - call now SetCPUFreqConsiderNice(), SetCPUFreqPerformance() on dynamic
+ CPU Freq policy (as poweruser setting only changeable via config file),
+ and also SetPowerSave() with true on battery and false otherwise.
+ - support also conservative governor as DYNAMIC fallback
+ - fixed brightness handling in the configure dialog if not activated
+ - removed accelerator tags from i18n() strings. KDE handle this by itself.
+ Improved config GUI to be better accessible via keyboard.
+ - code and code documentation cleanups and updates
+Fixed bugs (from if no other comment):
+ - #245081: KPowersave does not set (ondemand) governor on startup
+ - #244052: Close lid of a laptop and suspend to ram cause 100% CPU
+ - #229960: CPUFREQ_DYNAMIC_PERFORMANCE seems to be ignored during
+ boot and scheme change
+ - #230686: KPowersave need to be restarted to apply DPMS settings
+ - #230965: puzzling battery state info
+ - #231709: kpowersave-0.7.1-12: comparison with string literal
+ - #231184: KPowersave crashes due to uninitalized LibHalContext
+ - #229234: KPowersave does not fall back to userspace governor
+ - #215262: Suspend to disk with attached usb storage not working
+ - #223164: After suspend, second core has performance governor set
+ - #223517: Powersave: CPU scheme "dynamic" reduces speed if only
+ nice -19 processes run
+ - #223637: kpowersave crashes in first login
+ - #225212: KPowersave crash on ThinkPad X60s
+ - #221715: Functionality for configuring lid close event etc.
+ missing in KPowersave
+ - #223922: System not shuting down on pressing power button
+Tranlation updates:
+ - german: Danny Kukawka
+ - danish: Stefan Skotte
+ - turkish: S.Çağlar Onur
+ - chinese: Zhengpeng Hou
+KPowersave 0.7.1 (development tree/unstable)
+ I'm glad to announce the first new offical release from the KPowersave
+ development version 0.7.1. This is the first version of KPowersave without
+ dependency to the powersave daemon. From now KPowersave use directly the
+ HAL daemon to get Hardware information and set e.g. brightness or trigger
+ Suspend.
+ Also if KPowersave depend no longer on powersave, I would recommend to use
+ the new/current powersave version furthermore. You can use the powersave
+ daemon if there is no client as e.g. KPowersave to handle system power-
+ management. If KPowersave (there is also a patch for g-p-m available) start
+ up the daemon stop automatically to handle powermanagement policy and
+ the KPowersave applet force (if allowed) the user specific policy.
+ You can find all changes since the last stable release in this file or in
+ the Changelog. Please test KPowersave and feel free to report bugs to
+ the powersave-devel mailinglist or for SUSE products via the Novell bugzilla.
+Major changes since the last version:
+- Initial port from powersave to HAL/D-Bus/PolicyKit:
+ - replaced most features from the last stable version base on powersave
+ with new code. (Only missing atm eyecandy stuff as suspend progress dialog)
+ - replaced code to get hardware information from powersave with get info
+ from the HAL daemon
+ - changed resume from suspend/standby detection and handling of the event
+ - KPowersave claim now org.freedesktop.Policy.Power interface from D-Bus
+ to stop powersave from handle powermanagement policy and to prevent
+ handle other clients to start powermanagement.
+ - Extended existing schemes to be complete handled in KPowersave instead
+ of the powersave daemon. Added new (scheme) settings for:
+ * battery warning levels
+ * actions for battery warning levels and for lidclose events (as e.g.
+ * AC and Battery default schemes
+ * CPU Frequency Policies per scheme
+ --> NOTE: you can change this settings currently only via the config file
+ and not via the GUI configure dialog. This is the next step, we
+ concentrated on get KPowersave running for this release.
+ - Fixed KDE screensaver and DPMS handling to reduce/avoid interfer with the
+ KDE user settings. There is a KDE patch available to check if KPowersave
+ handle DPMS settings already and call the KPowersave config dialog.
+KPowersave 0.6.2 (stable update)
+Changes/fixes since last stable release:
+- KPowersave depends now on powersave >= 0.12.18
+- fixed bugs:
+ - #1483392/ SUSE #177792: set changes for autosuspend state via DCOP
+ back to the applet menu, added DCOP functions to set the current scheme,
+ the current CPUFreq policy and to open/close the detailed dialog
+ - #1483392/ SUSE #177788,180000: added workaround to fix two bugs in
+ the DPMS- and Screensaver extension of X, related to autosuspend and detect
+ user inactivity (DPMS timeouts are abstracted from current idle time, but
+ shouldn't / DPMS timeouts are currently additive but shouldn*'t). This fix
+ problems with autosuspend if the timeout is longer than the DPMS timeouts.
+ - SUSE #168619: changed errorhandling if HAL, DBUS or the powersave daemon
+ is not running or if the user has not the needed rights to access the
+ powersave daemon via DBUS. Added new errormessages and translations.
+ - SUSE #182515: Changed configure dialog to respect rules for DPMS timeouts
+ - SUSE #176782: patch from Timo Hönig <> to allow (if
+ supported and enabled in the scheme) change brighness via mousewheel over
+ the applet icon.
+ - SUSE (SLED) #183745: fixed detection of SUSE Linux/SLES/SLED and added
+ configure option to force SLES/SLED as distro with --enable-suse-sles.
+ Fixed bugzilla link for SLED/SLES
+ - SUSE #184076: fixed wrong command to start dbus daemon in errormessage.
+ - added additional check before autosuspend if this was disabled via applet
+- added new configure check to detect Ubuntu/Kubuntu
+- changed link to Ubuntu bugzilla to and use now the same link
+ for applet menu entry "Report a bug ..." if compiled for Ubuntu/Kubuntu
+- updated default blacklist for autosuspend with gmplayer,kaffeine,xine,mencoder
+- updated translation: cs,de,es,fi,fr,hu,it,km,pl,pt_BR,zh_CN,zh_TW
+- updated (cs) and fixed translation of eventsrc for KNotify
+- fixed and updated code documentation
+KPowersave 0.6.1 (stable update)
+Changes/fixes since last stable release:
+- fixed SUSE bug #167296: fixed tooltip and removed unneeded checks for battery
+ related infos. Should fix display wrong remaining time on charging with APM
+- fixed SUSE bug #165462: removed utf8 tag from eventsrc which results in
+ "unknown source ..." message in knotify dialog
+- fixed SUSE bug #168838; event for resumeFromSuspendToDisk displayed twice in
+ knotify dialog (typo and translation issue in eventsrc)
+- fixed detailed dialog for multiprocessor/-core machines without CPUFreq or
+ throttling support and offline CPUs/Cores
+- updated translations (fi,km,pl,ru) including desktop files and eventsrc (ru,
+ from Anton Farygin <>)
+- added configure check for dbus-1-qt3-devel headers
+- updated README (ALT Linux bugzilla link)
+KPowersave 0.6.0 (stable)
+ I'm glad to announce the new official stable release of KPowersave (v0.6.0).
+ You can find all changes since the last stable release in this file or in
+ the Changelog.
+ Thanks to all persons which helped to develop KPowersave with patches,
+ testing new unstable versions and report bugs back to us. A special thanks
+ to:
+ Holger Macht, Stefan Seyfried, Michael Biebl, Daniel Gollub
+ and last but not least SUSE/Novell.
+ Danny Kukawka
+Changes since last release:
+- changed powersave dependency to current stable version >= 0.12.7
+- reduced the size of the package by optimize the size of included png files.
+ The size off all png files is now reduced by ~709KByte.
+- added german version of the handbook
+- fixed processor bar in detailed dialog to set correct for the first call.
+- fixed tooltip for machines which always report charging also if 100%
+ charged and on AC
+- fix from Michael Biebl for notify about autosuspend after resume and a
+ remove no longer needed check from configure
+- added support for lock screen via gnome-screensaver (only under GNOME)
+- added fake keyevent (shift) after resume if machine was locked before
+ suspend to show the login dialog automatically
+- fixed detailed dialog for machines without CPUFreq and more than one CPU/
+ Core or with throttling support (see SUSE bug #164683).
+- added patch from Daniel Gollub to be able to fake CPU infos for develop
+- fixed errorhandling for YaST power management module (SUSE specific)
+- changed link for report bug opened via the applet menu if this is a
+ SUSE package. Open now the related wiki page.
+- fixed bug report address in the about dialog (to powersave-users ML)
+- translation updates
+- changed timeout for recheck powersave on startup from 10 secs to 20 to
+ avoid annoying messages on slow machines or autologin
+- updated README with install/compile and help/bugreport information
+- updated code docu (added planed features/enhancements for 0.7/0.8 tree)
+- updated spec files for packaging
+KPowersave 0.5.11 (rc5)
+Changes since last release:
+- added function to check if the machine is a laptop and to allow hide
+ laptop specific widgets/code e.g. on workstations
+- hide 'Lock screen on lid close' checkbox in config dialog on non-Laptop
+- changed brightness settings to be sure that we use the lowest 'usable'
+ min level of brightness and to avoid off the display on e.g. pmu
+- allow root user always all kind of suspend/standby
+- little fix to prepare for QT4 (s/TRUE/true/)
+- translation, handbook and code documenatation updates and fixes
+- code cleanups, SVN file attributes fixed
+KPowersave 0.5.10 (rc4)
+Changes since last release:
+- KPowersave depends now on: powersave >= 0.12.2
+- fixed lidclose handling: added call xset to off the backlight of LCD
+ displays and reset DPMS settings on lidopen
+- fixed read throttling state for multiprocessor machines (patch from
+ Daniel Gollub <>)
+- fixed display processor infos on multiprocessor/-core machines dislay now
+ values for each CPU/core also on non CPUfreq and non-throttling machines
+- fix to display battery infos only if at least min. 1 batteryslot available
+- translation updates (po files and handbook) from SUSE/Novell translation
+ team and Dawid Wróbel <>
+- added and updated screenshots for handbook
+- added missing icon on non-SUSE distributions
+- autotools releated fixes: better detection of Mandriva, use now pkgconfig
+ from powersave for checks and linking, read name/location of dbus system
+ socket from pkgconfig.
+KPowersave 0.5.9 (rc3)
+Changes since last release:
+- fixed battery and processor information for APM and machines without
+ CPU freq or throttling support
+- fixed battery state in the detailed dialog if no battery is available
+- translation and handbook updates and fixes
+KPowersave 0.5.8 (rc2)
+Changes since last release:
+- removed sound settings from configure dialog and added KNotify support
+ and more events, KNotify config dialog is available via applet menu and
+ in the configure dialog (Michael Biebl/Danny Kukawka)
+- added dcop function to open configure dialog
+- fixed path to powersaved in code and translations to be more portable
+ (Michael Biebl)
+- fixed cpu info in the info dialog to display also for machines which
+ only support throttling (Daniel Gollub/Danny Kukawka)
+- fixed battery part in the info dialog to have same sized progressbars
+- fixed strings in the code, fixed sting in tooltip if charging
+- fixed problems with pidof on Fedora: pidof should be in PATH of user.
+- removed no longer needed parts from handbook
+- updated translations related to the changes
+- cleanups (code and files)
+KPowersave 0.5.7 (rc1)
+Changes since last release:
+- added brightness support and battery state info to the detailed dialog
+- updated translations: bg,cs,es,fr,it,ja,pt,nb,pt_BR,zh_CN,zh_TW
+- added new language: km
+- added new help file (currently without pics): Finnish
+- fixed bugs:
+ - fixed again display CPU Freq Policy on machines without cpufreq support
+ - autotools related fixes (Michael Biebl <>)
+KPowersave 0.5.6 (unstable)
+Changes since last release:
+- added new summary battery progress bar if more than one battery bay is
+ available in the system
+- updated translation files (nb,nl,pl,pt,zh_CN) thanks to Dawei Pang
+ (zh_CN) and Dawid Wróbel (pl)
+- added new helpfiles for Czech and Portuguese (not complete translated),
+ removed some pics to reduce package size
+- fixed bugs:
+ - wrong path to pidof prevented autosuspend (fixed path to /bin )
+ - fixed autotools releated issues
+ - included header for Slackware 10.2
+ - fixed excessive CPU usage of detailed dialog
+ - fixed problems if CPU Freq Policy not supported
+KPowersave 0.5.5 (unstable)
+Changes since last release:
+- reworked the detailed dialog to a new design
+ - fixed problems with offline CPUs
+ - fixed battery handling
+- updated pot/po files and completed german translation
+- added new help menu to the applet, added new about dialog and a link
+ to the sourceforge bugzilla for easy report bugs
+- added new icon for the 'Advanced Powersave' scheme
+- several cleanups and little fixes
+KPowersave 0.5.4 (unstable)
+Changes since last release:
+- added new detailed information dialog to the left button on the applet
+ which provide currently following information:
+ - battery info for multiple batteries
+ - CPU Frequency info also for multiprozessor machines
+ - current scheme, current CPU Frequency policy, AC status, powersave
+ status
+- updated code dokumentation and enhancement/implementation doc
+KPowersave 0.5.3 (unstable)
+Changes since last release:
+- implemented scheme specific brightness settings in KPowersave
+ and in the configure dialog and added capability for brightness to disable
+ set brightness in powersave if KPowersave is running.
+- added warning dialog is 'Advanced Powersave' scheme is selected to avoid
+ problems with this EXPERIMENTAL feature
+- updated: translation (nl), code documentation
+- fixed compiler warning, patch by Daniel Gollub <>
+KPowersave 0.5.2 (unstable)
+Changes since last release (KPowersave 0.5.0):
+- updated to new powersave (>= v0.11.2)
+- added new dialog/error message if powersave is not running, from now
+ 'Don't show again' checkbox is available to disable the message
+- added popup if HAL is not running (special if also powersave is not available)
+ and kpowersave get no information about battery/AC status
+- changed settings of sounds filedialog to be more portable
+- removed old and not needed qt1/qt2 includes
+- changed handling with not available connection to powersave on
+ startup of KDE (special for autologin)
+- updated help files and added new Norsk and Hungarian help files, added
+ language specific screenshots
+- fixed dialogs to be respect KDE user interface style guide, fixed
+ icon handling and desktop file (thanks to Stephan Binner <>)
+- added admin dir and updated README for compile on non-SUSE distributions
+- updated translation files
+- updated code documentation
+- code and file cleanups
+- several little bugfixes
+- switched from CVS to SVN