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+.\" This -*- nroff -*- file has been generated from
+.\" DocBook SGML with docbook-to-man on Debian GNU/Linux.
+...\" transcript compatibility for postscript use.
+...\" synopsis: .P! <>
+...\" P!
+.fl \" force out current output buffer
+...\" the following is from Ken Flowers -- it prevents dictionary overflows
+\\!/tempdict 200 dict def tempdict begin
+.fl \" prolog cat \\$1\" bring in postscript file
+...\" the following line matches the tempdict above
+\\!end % tempdict %
+.sp \\$2u \" move below the image
+.. pF \\*(f1 .ds f1 \\n(.f
+.el .ie \\*(f2 .ds f2 \\n(.f
+.el .ie \\*(f3 .ds f3 \\n(.f
+.el .ie \\*(f4 .ds f4 \\n(.f
+.el .tm ? font overflow
+.ft \\$1
+.. fP !\\*(f4 \{\
+. ft \\*(f4
+. ds f4\"
+' br \}
+.el .ie !\\*(f3 \{\
+. ft \\*(f3
+. ds f3\"
+' br \}
+.el .ie !\\*(f2 \{\
+. ft \\*(f2
+. ds f2\"
+' br \}
+.el .ie !\\*(f1 \{\
+. ft \\*(f1
+. ds f1\"
+' br \}
+.el .tm ? font underflow
+.ds f1\"
+.ds f2\"
+.ds f3\"
+.ds f4\"
+'\" t
+.ta 8n 16n 24n 32n 40n 48n 56n 64n 72n
+.TH "KBIFF" "1"
+kbiff \(em biff utility for KDE
+\fBkbiff\fP [\fBQt-options\fP] [\fBKDE-options\fP] [\fBoptions\fP]
+\fBkbiff\fP is a biff utility. It is highly configurable
+but very easy to use and setup. It tries to combine the best
+(or at least *all*) of the features of most of the other "biff"
+programs out there.
+This manual page was written for the \fBDebian GNU/Linux\fP distribution
+because the original program does not have a manual page.
+These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax,
+with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of
+options is included below.
+.IP "\fB--help\fP " 10
+Show help about options
+.IP "\fB--help-qt\fP " 10
+Show Qt specific options
+.IP "\fB--help-kde\fP " 10
+Show KDE specific options
+.IP "\fB--help-all\fP " 10
+Show all options
+.IP "\fB--author\fP " 10
+Show author information
+.IP "\fB--version\fP \fB-v\fP " 10
+Show version of program
+.IP "\fB--license\fP " 10
+Show license information
+.IP "\fB--secure\fP " 10
+Run in secure mode
+.IP "\fB--profile\fP \fIPROFILE\fP " 10
+This manual page was written by matze for
+the \fBDebian GNU/Linux\fP system (but may be used by others). Permission is
+granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the
+terms of the GNU Free Documentation License,
+Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software
+Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts and
+no Back-Cover Texts.
+...\" created by instant / docbook-to-man, Thu 04 Oct 2001, 16:29