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diff --git a/kviewshell/plugins/djvu/libdjvu/DjVuFile.h b/kviewshell/plugins/djvu/libdjvu/DjVuFile.h
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--- a/kviewshell/plugins/djvu/libdjvu/DjVuFile.h
+++ b/kviewshell/plugins/djvu/libdjvu/DjVuFile.h
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ class DjVuNavDir;
{\bf Inclusion} is also a new feature specifically designed for a
multipage document. Indeed, inside a given document there can be a lot
of things shared between its pages. Examples can be the document
- annotation (\Ref{DjVuAnno}) and other things like shared tqshapes and
+ annotation (\Ref{DjVuAnno}) and other things like shared shapes and
dictionary (to be implemented). To avoid putting these chunks into
every page, we have invented new chunk called #INCL# which purpose is
to make the decoder open the specified file and decode it.
@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ public:
GP<GPixmap> bgpm;
/// Pointer to the mask of foreground component of DjVu image (JB2 encoded).
GP<JB2Image> fgjb;
- /// Pointer to the optional tqshape dictionary for the mask (JB2 encoded).
+ /// Pointer to the optional shape dictionary for the mask (JB2 encoded).
GP<JB2Dict> fgjd;
/// Pointer to a colors layer for the foreground component of DjVu image.
GP<GPixmap> fgpm;
@@ -648,7 +648,7 @@ private:
const GP<ByteStream> &str, bool djvi, bool djvu, bool iw44);
int get_dpi(int w, int h);
- // Functions dealing with the tqshape directory (fgjd)
+ // Functions dealing with the shape directory (fgjd)
static GP<JB2Dict> static_get_fgjd(void *);
GP<JB2Dict> get_fgjd(int block=0);