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* Removed HAL dependant code.Michele Calgaro2022-02-081-21/+0
* Updated to use new standalone tdehw library.Slávek Banko2021-05-071-0/+20
* Fixed FTBFS when building without tdehw lib but with HAL enabled.Michele Calgaro2021-05-041-0/+10
* Use common CMake tests.Slávek Banko2019-02-101-29/+14
* Fix detection whether the system is big endianSlávek Banko2017-02-041-0/+3
* cmake: Fix FTBFS due to artsc includesSlávek Banko2016-10-161-2/+2
* cmake: Fix detection of functions lrint and lrintf in libmSlávek Banko2016-03-131-0/+8
* Initial cmake conversionAlexander Golubev2016-03-121-0/+239