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+# translation of kfindpart.po to Irish
+# Copyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+# Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin <>, 2002
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: kfindpart\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-10-10 02:32+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2004-12-03 14:52-0500\n"
+"Last-Translator: Kevin Patrick Scannell <scannell@SLU.EDU>\n"
+"Language-Team: Irish <>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"X-Generator: KBabel 1.0beta1\n"
+#: _translatorinfo.cpp:1
+msgid ""
+"Your names"
+msgstr "Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin,Kevin Scannell"
+#: _translatorinfo.cpp:3
+msgid ""
+"Your emails"
+msgstr "seoc at iolfree dot ie,scannell at slu dot edu"
+#: kfind.cpp:72 kfinddlg.cpp:40
+msgid "&Find"
+msgstr "&Aimsigh"
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:33
+msgid "Find Files/Folders"
+msgstr "Aimsigh Comhaid/Comhadlanna"
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:54
+msgid "AMiddleLengthText..."
+msgstr "TéacsMeasarthaFada..."
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:55 kfinddlg.cpp:177
+msgid "Ready."
+msgstr "Réidh."
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:112 kfinddlg.cpp:217
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"_n: one file found\n"
+"%n files found"
+msgstr ""
+"aimsíodh aon chomhad\n"
+"aimsíodh dhá chomhad\n"
+"aimsíodh %n chomhad\n"
+"aimsíodh %n gcomhad\n"
+"aimsíodh %n comhad"
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:152
+msgid "Searching..."
+msgstr "Ag cuardach..."
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:179
+msgid "Aborted."
+msgstr "Tobscortha."
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:182 kfinddlg.cpp:187 kfinddlg.cpp:193
+msgid "Error."
+msgstr "Earráid."
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:183
+msgid "Please specify an absolute path in the \"Look in\" box."
+msgstr "Tabhair dearbhchonair sa bhosca \"Amharc i\", le do thoil."
+#: kfinddlg.cpp:188
+msgid "Could not find the specified folder."
+msgstr "Ní féidir an chomhadlann sonraithe a aimsiú."
+#: kfindpart.cpp:81
+msgid "Find Component"
+msgstr "Aimsigh Comhpháirt"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:64
+msgid "&Named:"
+msgstr "&Ainmnithe:"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:65
+msgid "You can use wildcard matching and \";\" for separating multiple names"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:68
+msgid "Look &in:"
+msgstr "Amharc &i:"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:69
+msgid "Include &subfolders"
+msgstr "Cuir fofhillteáin &san áireamh"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:70
+msgid "Case s&ensitive search"
+msgstr "C&uardach cásíogair"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:71
+msgid "&Browse..."
+msgstr "&Brabhsáil..."
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:72
+msgid "&Use files index"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:90
+msgid ""
+"<qt>Enter the filename you are looking for. "
+"<br>Alternatives may be separated by a semicolon \";\"."
+"<br>The filename may contain the following special characters:"
+"<li><b>?</b> matches any single character</li>"
+"<li><b>*</b> matches zero or more of any characters</li>"
+"<li><b>[...]</b> matches any of the characters in braces</li></ul>"
+"<br>Example searches:"
+"<li><b>*.kwd;*.txt</b> finds all files ending with .kwd or .txt</li>"
+"<li><b>go[dt]</b> finds god and got</li>"
+"<li><b>Hel?o</b> finds all files that start with \"Hel\" and end with \"o\", "
+"having one character in between</li>"
+"<li><b>My Document.kwd</b> finds a file of exactly that name</li></ul></qt>"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:111
+msgid ""
+"<qt>This lets you use the files' index created by the <i>slocate</i> "
+"package to speed-up the search; remember to update the index from time to time "
+"(using <i>updatedb</i>).</qt>"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:147
+msgid "Find all files created or &modified:"
+msgstr "Aimsigh gach comhad a cruthaíodh nó &mionathraíodh:"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:149
+msgid "&between"
+msgstr "&idir"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:150
+msgid "&during the previous"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:151
+msgid "and"
+msgstr "agus"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:153
+msgid "minute(s)"
+msgstr "nóiméad"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:154
+msgid "hour(s)"
+msgstr "uair"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:155
+msgid "day(s)"
+msgstr "lá"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:156
+msgid "month(s)"
+msgstr "mí"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:157
+msgid "year(s)"
+msgstr "bliain"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:168
+msgid "File &size is:"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:174
+msgid "Files owned by &user:"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:176
+msgid "Owned by &group:"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:178
+msgid "(none)"
+msgstr "(neamhní)"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:179
+msgid "At Least"
+msgstr "Ar a Laghad"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:180
+msgid "At Most"
+msgstr "Ar a Mhéid"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:181
+msgid "Equal To"
+msgstr "Cothrom Le"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:183
+msgid "Bytes"
+msgstr "Beart"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:184
+msgid "KB"
+msgstr "kB"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:185
+msgid "MB"
+msgstr "MB"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:186
+msgid "GB"
+msgstr "GB"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:249
+msgid "File &type:"
+msgstr "&Cineál Comhaid:"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:251
+msgid "C&ontaining text:"
+msgstr "Leis an téacs se&o ann:"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:256
+msgid ""
+"<qt>If specified, only files that contain this text are found. Note that not "
+"all file types from the list above are supported. Please refer to the "
+"documentation for a list of supported file types.</qt>"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:264
+msgid "Case s&ensitive"
+msgstr "Cá&síogair"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:265
+msgid "Include &binary files"
+msgstr "Cuir comhaid &dhénártha san áireamh"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:266
+msgid "Regular e&xpression"
+msgstr "S&lonn ionadaíochta"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:269
+msgid ""
+"<qt>This lets you search in any type of file, even those that usually do not "
+"contain text (for example program files and images).</qt>"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:277
+msgid "&Edit..."
+msgstr "&Eagar..."
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:282
+msgid "fo&r:"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:283
+msgid "Search &metainfo sections:"
+msgstr "Cuardaigh i rannáin &mheiteafhaisnéise:"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:286
+msgid "All Files & Folders"
+msgstr "Gach Comhad & Comhadlann"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:288
+msgid "Folders"
+msgstr "Fillteáin"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:289
+msgid "Symbolic Links"
+msgstr "Naisc Shiombalacha"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:290
+msgid "Special Files (Sockets, Device Files, ...)"
+msgstr "Comhaid Speisialta (Soicéid, Comhaid Ghléis, ...)"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:291
+msgid "Executable Files"
+msgstr "Comhaid Inrite"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:292
+msgid "SUID Executable Files"
+msgstr "Comhaid Inrite SUID"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:293
+msgid "All Images"
+msgstr "Gach Íomhá"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:294
+msgid "All Video"
+msgstr "Gach Comhad Físe"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:295
+msgid "All Sounds"
+msgstr "Gach Comhad Fuaime"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:343
+msgid "Name/&Location"
+msgstr "Ainm/&Suíomh"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:344
+msgid "C&ontents"
+msgstr "I&nneachar"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:345
+msgid "&Properties"
+msgstr "&Airíonna"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:350
+msgid ""
+"<qt>Search within files' specific comments/metainfo"
+"<br>These are some examples:"
+"<li><b>Audio files (mp3...)</b> Search in id3 tag for a title, an album</li>"
+"<li><b>Images (png...)</b> Search images with a special resolution, "
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:358
+msgid ""
+"<qt>If specified, search only in this field"
+"<li><b>Audio files (mp3...)</b> This can be Title, Album...</li>"
+"<li><b>Images (png...)</b> Search only in Resolution, Bitdepth...</li></ul></qt>"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:552
+msgid "Unable to search within a period which is less than a minute."
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:563
+msgid "The date is not valid."
+msgstr "Dáta neamhbhailí."
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:565
+msgid "Invalid date range."
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:567
+msgid "Unable to search dates in the future."
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:628
+msgid "Size is too big. Set maximum size value?"
+msgstr ""
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:628
+msgid "Set"
+msgstr "Socraigh"
+#: kftabdlg.cpp:628
+msgid "Do Not Set"
+msgstr "Ná Socraigh"
+#: kfwin.cpp:49
+msgid "Read-write"
+msgstr "Inléite-inscríofa"
+#: kfwin.cpp:50
+msgid "Read-only"
+msgstr "Inléite amháin"
+#: kfwin.cpp:51
+msgid "Write-only"
+msgstr "Inscríofa amháin"
+#: kfwin.cpp:52
+msgid "Inaccessible"
+msgstr "Dorochtana"
+#: kfwin.cpp:115
+msgid "Name"
+msgstr "Ainm"
+#: kfwin.cpp:116
+msgid "In Subfolder"
+msgstr "San fhofhillteán"
+#: kfwin.cpp:117
+msgid "Size"
+msgstr "Méid"
+#: kfwin.cpp:119
+msgid "Modified"
+msgstr "Athraithe"
+#: kfwin.cpp:121
+msgid "Permissions"
+msgstr "Ceadanna"
+#: kfwin.cpp:124
+msgid "First Matching Line"
+msgstr "An Chéad Líne a Mheaitseálann"
+#: kfwin.cpp:194
+msgid "Save Results As"
+msgstr "Sábháil na Torthaí Mar"
+#: kfwin.cpp:219
+msgid "Unable to save results."
+msgstr "Ní féidir na torthaí a shábháil."
+#: kfwin.cpp:230 kfwin.cpp:231 kfwin.cpp:232
+msgid "KFind Results File"
+msgstr "Comhad na dTorthaí KFind"
+#: kfwin.cpp:259
+msgid ""
+"Results were saved to file\n"
+msgstr ""
+"Sábháladh na torthaí i gcomhad\n"
+#: kfwin.cpp:289
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"_n: Do you really want to delete the selected file?\n"
+"Do you really want to delete the %n selected files?"
+msgstr ""
+"An bhfuil tú cinnte gur mian leat an t-aon chomhad roghnaithe a scriosadh?\n"
+"An bhfuil tú cinnte gur mian leat an dá chomhad roghnaithe a scriosadh?\n"
+"An bhfuil tú cinnte gur mian leat na %n chomhad roghnaithe a scriosadh?\n"
+"An bhfuil tú cinnte gur mian leat na %n gcomhad roghnaithe a scriosadh?\n"
+"An bhfuil tú cinnte gur mian leat na %n comhad roghnaithe a scriosadh?"
+#: kfwin.cpp:412
+msgid ""
+"_: Menu item\n"
+msgstr "Oscail"
+#: kfwin.cpp:413
+msgid "Open Folder"
+msgstr "Oscail Fillteán"
+#: kfwin.cpp:418
+msgid "Open With..."
+msgstr "Oscail Le..."
+#: kfwin.cpp:424
+msgid "Selected Files"
+msgstr "Comhaid Roghnaithe"
+#: kquery.cpp:478
+msgid "Error while using locate"
+msgstr ""
+#: main.cpp:14
+msgid "KDE file find utility"
+msgstr ""
+#: main.cpp:18
+msgid "Path(s) to search"
+msgstr "Conair(í) le cuardach"
+#: main.cpp:25
+msgid "KFind"
+msgstr "KFind"
+#: main.cpp:27
+msgid "(c) 1998-2003, The KDE Developers"
+msgstr "© 1998-2003, Forbróirí KDE"
+#: main.cpp:29
+msgid "Current Maintainer"
+msgstr "Cothaitheoir Reatha"
+#: main.cpp:30
+msgid "Developer"
+msgstr "Forbróir"
+#: main.cpp:31
+msgid "UI Design & more search options"
+msgstr "Dearadh an Chomhéadan agus tuilleadh roghanna cuardaigh"
+#: main.cpp:41
+msgid "UI Design"
+msgstr "Dearadh an Chomhéadain"