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authorMichele Calgaro <>2019-07-18 18:50:52 +0900
committerMichele Calgaro <>2019-07-18 18:50:52 +0900
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Updated translation strings after commit tdeweb #1422b9e to avoid fuzzy strings.
Signed-off-by: Michele Calgaro <>
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diff --git a/tde-i18n-ga/messages/tdewebdev/quanta.po b/tde-i18n-ga/messages/tdewebdev/quanta.po
index a04d95cda3..560577f87b 100644
--- a/tde-i18n-ga/messages/tdewebdev/quanta.po
+++ b/tde-i18n-ga/messages/tdewebdev/quanta.po
@@ -4998,27 +4998,27 @@ msgstr "Stíl"
#: data/toolbars/kde-docbook/kde-docbook-admonitions.toolbar:4
#, fuzzy, no-c-format
-msgid "KDE DocBook Admonitions"
+msgid "TDE DocBook Admonitions"
msgstr "Liostaí DocBook TDE"
#: data/toolbars/kde-docbook/kde-docbook-images.toolbar:4
#, fuzzy, no-c-format
-msgid "KDE DocBook Images"
+msgid "TDE DocBook Images"
msgstr "Íomhánna DocBook TDE"
#: data/toolbars/kde-docbook/kde-docbook-list.toolbar:4
#, fuzzy, no-c-format
-msgid "KDE DocBook Lists"
+msgid "TDE DocBook Lists"
msgstr "Liostaí DocBook TDE"
#: data/toolbars/kde-docbook/kde-docbook-standard.toolbar:4
#, fuzzy, no-c-format
-msgid "KDE DocBook Standard"
+msgid "TDE DocBook Standard"
msgstr "Caighdeán DocBook TDE"
#: data/toolbars/kde-docbook/kde-docbook-tables.toolbar:4
#, fuzzy, no-c-format
-msgid "KDE DocBook Tables"
+msgid "TDE DocBook Tables"
msgstr "Táblaí DocBook TDE"
#: data/toolbars/kde-docbook/kde-docbook-uielements.toolbar:4
@@ -5202,7 +5202,7 @@ msgstr "téacs"
#: scripts/checkxml.kmdr:18
#, fuzzy, no-c-format
-msgid "Quanta+ KDE XML Validator"
+msgid "Quanta+ TDE XML Validator"
msgstr "Bailíochtóir XML Quanta+ TDE"
#: scripts/checkxml.kmdr:98 scripts/xmlval.kmdr:416
@@ -6381,7 +6381,7 @@ msgstr "Teideal an tábla:"
msgid ""
"Enter here the title of the table. The title of the table will appear in the "
"table of contents as well, under the \"List of Tables\", if you are using "
-"the KDE DocBook tools."
+"the TDE DocBook tools."
msgstr ""
#: scripts/tablewizard.kmdr:300