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Removed references to - part 10. This relates to bug 1846.
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@@ -331,13 +331,13 @@ msgid ""
"<qt>Enter a valid address or url."
"<p><b><u>NOTE:</u></b> Wildcard matching such as <code>*</code> "
"is not supported. If you want to match any host in the <code></code> "
-"domain, e.g. <code></code>, then simply enter <code>"
+"domain, then simply enter <code>"
msgstr ""
"<qt>Giff en gellen Adress oder URL in."
"<p><b><u>Beacht:</u></b> Platzholltekens as in <code>*</code> "
"warrt nich ünnerstütt. Wenn Du all Reekners binnen de Domään <code>"
-"</code> meenst, t.B. <code></code>, giff eenfach <code>"
+"</code> meenst, giff eenfach <code>"
"</code> in.</p></qt>"
#: kproxydlg.cpp:54