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Fix incorrectly renamed strings
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@@ -25397,7 +25397,7 @@ msgstr "Corrigeer coördinaten van objecten voor de effecten van de atmosfeer"
msgid ""
"The atmosphere bends light passing through it, like a lens. If this item is "
"checked, this \"atmospheric refraction\" will be simulated in the sky map. "
-"Note that this correction is only applied when using theQt::Horizontal "
+"Note that this correction is only applied when using the Horizontal "
"coordinate system."
msgstr ""
"Net als een lens buigt de atmosfeer het licht dat er doorheen gaat. Als deze "
@@ -27554,7 +27554,7 @@ msgid ""
"arcminutes and arcseconds (\"45:20\", \"45:20:00\", \"45:20\", \"45 20.0\", "
-"The Altitude is one of the coordinates in theQt::Horizontal coordinate system. "
+"The Altitude is one of the coordinates in the Horizontal coordinate system. "
"It is defined as the angle of an object above or below the horizon. For "
"example, the Zenith has an Altitude of 90 degrees. Altitude is also known as "
@@ -30740,7 +30740,7 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"<p>The status bar displays the current sky coordinates of the mouse cursor,\n"
-"\t\t\tin both Equatorial andQt::Horizontal coordinate systems.\n"
+"\t\t\tin both Equatorial and Horizontal coordinate systems.\n"
msgstr ""
@@ -30810,7 +30810,7 @@ msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
-"<p>To switch between Equatorial andQt::Horizontal coordinate\n"
+"<p>To switch between Equatorial and Horizontal coordinate\n"
"\t\t\tsystems, use the \"View->Coordinates\" menu item, or press the spacebar.\n"
@@ -32501,7 +32501,7 @@ msgstr "Hemelkaartopties"
#: tools/scriptbuilder.cpp:649
#, fuzzy
-msgid "UseQt::Horizontal coordinates? (otherwise, use Equatorial)"
+msgid "Use Horizontal coordinates? (otherwise, use Equatorial)"
msgstr "Horizontale coördinaten gebruiken? (anders de Equatoriale gebruiken)"
#: tools/scriptbuilder.cpp:650