BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bug/266/tdebindings-move-to-usr-libDEB: move libtqt-perl to /usr folder. This relates to bug 266.Michele Calgaro3 years
deb/feat/kxkb-flags-aestheticDEB: added flags/definitions for existing locales. * Braille * Esperanto * In...Michele Calgaro43 hours
feat/freebsd-14.0.x-preFreeBSD: Update for final release R14.0.10.Slávek Banko13 days
masterDEB: Add back dependency on sharutils for packages that use uudecode.Slávek Banko40 hours
r14.0.xDEB: Add back dependency on sharutils for packages that use uudecode.Slávek Banko9 hours
test/tdebase-without-tdehwFOR TESTING ONLY: tdebase without tdehw.Michele Calgaro4 days
v3.5.13-sruDEB tdelibs: Install apidocs as kdelibs-apidocsSlávek Banko3 months
r14.0.10tde-packaging-r14.0.10.tar.gz  Slávek Banko13 days
r14.0.9tde-packaging-r14.0.9.tar.gz  Slávek Banko6 months
r14.0.8tde-packaging-r14.0.8.tar.gz  Slávek Banko12 months
r14.0.7tde-packaging-r14.0.7.tar.gz  Slávek Banko16 months
r14.0.6tde-packaging-r14.0.6.tar.gz  Slávek Banko2 years
r14.0.5tde-packaging-r14.0.5.tar.gz  Slávek Banko3 years
r14.0.4tde-packaging-r14.0.4.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.3tde-packaging-r14.0.3.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.2tde-packaging-r14.0.2.tar.gz  Slávek Banko6 years
r14.0.1tde-packaging-r14.0.1.tar.gz  Slávek Banko6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-10-30FreeBSD: Update for final release R14.0.4r14.0.4Slávek Banko132-249/+362
2016-10-16Add artsc pkg-config file on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko6-36/+33
2016-10-05Add systemd unit for tdm-trinity on DebianSlávek Banko3-4/+41
2016-10-04Fix python-trinity-doc packaging on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko18-24/+21
2016-09-28Enable WITH_ALL_OPTIONS option for tdegames on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko3-3/+6
2016-09-27Add python-tqt-dbg to build-deps for python-trinity on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko3-3/+3
2016-09-25Install real instead of empty in python_tqt on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko3-3/+6
2016-09-18Switch tellico to cmake on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko9-12/+60
2016-09-18Allow to use --enable-final for tellico on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko3-9/+0
2016-09-11Fixed khotkeys.desktop handling on Debian/Ubuntu. This resolve bug 2685.Michele Calgaro4-4/+0