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+KDE is a network transparent contemporary desktop environment for UNIX
+workstations. It was written by a world-wide network of software
+engineers committed to free software development. KDE seeks to fill
+the need for an easy to use desktop for Unix workstations, similar to
+the desktop environments found under the MacOS or Window95/NT.
+This package holds the basic KDE applications. It contains:
+* applnk: files to create the icons for the K menu button
+* doc: XML formatted documentation files for the apps
+* drkonqi: if ever an app crashes (heaven forbid!) then Dr.Konqi will be so
+ kind and make a stack trace. This is a great help for the
+ developers to fix the bug.
+* kaddressbook: an addressbook (for postal addresses, phone numbers and
+ of course for e-mail addresses)
+* kappfinder: searches your hard disk for non-KDE applications, e.g. Acrobat
+ Reader (tm) and installs those apps under the K start button
+* kate: a fast and advanced text editor with nice plugins
+* kcheckpass: small program to enter and check passwords, only to be used by
+ other programs
+* kcontrol: the KDE Control Center allows you to tweak the KDE settings
+* kdcop: GUI app to browse for DCOP interfaces, can also execute them
+* kdebugdialog: allows you to specify which debug messages you want to see
+* kdeprint: the KDE printing system
+* kdesktop: you guessed it: the desktop above the panel
+* kdesu: a graphical front end to "su"
+* kdm: replacement for XDM, for those people that like graphical logins
+* kfind: find files
+* khelpcenter: the app to read all great documentation about KDE
+* khotkeys: intercepts keys and can call applications
+* kicker: the panel at the bottom with the K start button and the taskbar etc
+* kioslave: infrastructure that helps make every application internet enabled
+ e.g. to directly save a file to
+* klipper: enhances and extends the X clipboard
+* kmenuedit: edit for the menu below the K start button
+* konqueror: the file manager and web browser you get easily used to
+* konsole: a shell program similar to xterm
+* kpager: applet to show the contents of the virtual desktops
+* kpersonalizer: the customization wizard you get when you first start KDE
+* kreadconfig: a tool for shell scripts to get info from KDE's config files
+* kscreensaver: the KDE screensaver environment and lot's of savers
+* ksmserver: the KDE session manager (saves program status on login, restarts
+ those program at the next login)
+* ksplash: the screen displayed while KDE starts
+* kstart: to launch applications with special window properties
+ such as iconified etc
+* ksysguard: task manager and system monitor, even for remote systems
+* ksystraycmd: allows to run any application in the system tray
+* ktip: gives you tips about how to use KDE
+* kwin: the KDE window manager
+* kxkb: a keyboard map tool
+* l10n: mostly country flags
+* legacyimport: odd name for a cute program to load GTK themes
+* libkonq: some libraries needed by Konqueror
+* pics: various icons and wallpapers