BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
clean/menusMake the menu a bit greater.Chris10 months
feat/backports-from-kdeKonsole: Correct scrollUp behaviorKurt Hindenburg3 months
feat/pkg-configAdd extra check for libusb-1.0Matías Fonzo16 months
feat/usbisd_fileMake the option -DWITH_USBIDS more visible for packagers.gregory guy35 hours
feature/konq_listview++_14.1Fixed problem with "Dictionary Order Sort" wherein that feature wasVincent Reher3 months
fix/kicker-clock-build-dependencyFix linking of kicker clock applet library.Slávek Banko8 days
masterUpdate translation filesTDE Weblate10 hours
r14.0.xMerge translation files from master branch.Automated System6 hours
reworked/feature/konq_listview++_14.1Changes made that affect "Alternate Sort Order" feature:Vincent Reher3 weeks
v3.5.13-sruReset submodule main/core/tdebase/cmake to latest HEADAutomated System28 hours
r14.0.10tdebase-r14.0.10.tar.gz  Slávek Banko3 weeks
r14.0.9tdebase-r14.0.9.tar.gz  Slávek Banko7 months
r14.0.8tdebase-r14.0.8.tar.gz  Slávek Banko13 months
r14.0.7tdebase-r14.0.7.tar.gz  Slávek Banko17 months
r14.0.6tdebase-r14.0.6.tar.gz  Slávek Banko2 years
r14.0.5tdebase-r14.0.5.tar.gz  Slávek Banko3 years
r14.0.4tdebase-r14.0.4.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.3tdebase-r14.0.3.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.2tdebase-r14.0.2.tar.gz  Slávek Banko6 years
r14.0.1tdebase-r14.0.1.tar.gz  Slávek Banko6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-07-23Fix branding for kicker menu icons.branding/kde_to_tde2Chris6-0/+0
2019-07-21Fix outdated Qt documentation to point to own TQt documentation.Chris1-1/+1
2019-07-21Add consistent and modern TDE kicker icon.Chris8-0/+0
2019-07-19kdesktop: Add missing initialization of sigset_t in kdesktop_lock. This resol...Slávek Banko1-0/+1
2019-07-17Fix German Graphics category.Chris1-1/+1
2019-07-15Fix remaining brandings in tdebase.Chris7-9/+9
2019-07-14Fix typo in kasbar.Chris1-2/+1
2019-07-14Adding more ktips and identity to TDE.Chris1-0/+93
2019-07-13Fix, brand, modernize and polish ktip.Chris1-12/+13
2019-07-12Fix khelpcenter branding.Chris1-1/+1