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+In this file:
+* About kdebase
+* Thank you
+* Common Mistakes
+* Configuring
+* Debugging
+* Upgrading
+* Removal/Uninstallation
+* More Info
+About kdebase
+kdebase is the second mandatory package (besides kdelibs) for the K Desktop
+Environment. Here we have various applications and infrastructure files and
+libraries. Here is an overview of the directories:
+* applnk
+ Files to create the icons for the K menu button
+* debian
+ Needed to create a Debian package.
+* doc
+ XML formatted documentation files for the apps
+* drkonqi
+ If ever an app crashes (heaven forbid!) then Dr.Konqi will be so kind
+ and make a stack trace. This is a great help for the developers to fix
+ the bug.
+* kappfinder
+ Searches for non-KDE applications, e.g. Acrobat Reader (tm) and installs
+ those apps under the K start button.
+* kate
+ A fast and advanced text editor, extensible with nice plugins.
+* kcheckpass
+ Small program to enter and check passwords, to be used by other
+ programs.
+* kcontrol
+ The KDE Control Center allows you to tweak the KDE settings.
+* kdcop
+ GUI app to browse for DCOP interfaces, can also execute them.
+* kdebugdialog
+ Allows you to specify which debug messages you want to see.
+* kdeprint
+ The KDE printing system.
+* kdesktop
+ You guessed it: the desktop above the panel.
+* kdesu
+ A graphical front end to "su".
+* kdialog
+ Allows to display menu boxes from shell scripts.
+* kdm
+ Replacement for XDM, for those people that like graphical logins.
+* kfind
+ File find utility (standalone and in Konqueror's file manager).
+* khelpcenter
+ Used to to read all great documentation about KDE, unix man pages,
+ info pages etc.
+* khotkeys
+ Intercepts keys and can call applications.
+* kicker
+ The panel at the botton with the K start button and the taskbar etc.
+* kioslave
+ Infrastructure that helps make every application internet enabled
+ e.g. to directly save a file to
+* klipper
+ Taskbar applet that enhances and extenses the X clipboard.
+* kmenuedit
+ Edit for the menu below the K start button.
+* konqueror
+ The file manager and web browser you get easily used to.
+* konsole
+ A shell program similar to xterm.
+* kpager
+ Applet to show the contents of the virtual desktops.
+* kpersonalizer
+ The customization wizard you get when you first start KDE.
+* kreadconfig
+ A tool for shell scripts to get info from KDE's config files.
+* krichtexteditor
+ A embeddable rich text editor and a wrapper application for it.
+* kscreensaver
+ The KDE screensaver environment and some basic screensavers. More
+ of them are in the kdeartwork package.
+* ksmserver
+ The KDE session manager (saves program status on login, restarts
+ those program at the next login).
+* kdepasswd
+ A KDE frontend for passwd. Also contains the "Password & User Information" KCM.
+* ksplashml
+ The screen displayed while KDE starts.
+* kstart
+ Launches applications with special window properties such as iconified,
+ etc.
+* ksysguard
+ Task manager and system monitor, can work with remote systems.
+* ksystraycmd
+ Allows to run any application in the system tray.
+* ktip
+ Gives you tips how to use KDE.
+* kwin
+ The KDE window manager (moves, resizes and decorates windows).
+* kxkb
+ A keyboard map tool.
+* l10n
+ l-10letters-n: localization. Mostly country flags.
+* libkonq
+ Some libraries needed by Konqueror.
+* nsplugins
+ Together with OSF/Motif or Lesstif allows you to use Netscape (tm)
+ plugins in Konqueror.
+* pics
+ Various icons and wallpapers.
+Thank you Steven M. Scotten and Kuno Raffi (weave) for creating artwork
+specifically for the K Desktop Environment. Your efforts are much
+Mr. Scotten has created: blue_angle_swirl, bluecheck, bluegreencrisscross,
+bluegreensilver, candystripe_chainlink, charcoal_sunset, fadedpaint,
+garden_lattice, ghost_lightning, glassywarpcheck, gold_crinkle, greenish,
+heavens_hex, latte, lime_vibration, liquid_canvas, northbeach,
+orange_stacks, purple_swirl, string_theory, sunday_brunch,
+toothofthehoundthatbitcha, vegetative_fog, wavetron, woodcheck
+Common Mistakes
+IMPORTANT: most applications need KDEDIR as the directory where KDE is
+installed. Please set this in your login file.
+If XPM support wasn't configured, it may be that configure has no idea where
+your XPM libraries are. If so, set XPM_INCLUDE and XPM_LDFLAGS to the paths
+where configure should look for XPM. But if you haven't installed XPM or it
+didn't come with your system, that's no problem. You will only miss a few
+screensavers. The same thing applies with OPENGL support. Here you have to
+If configure claims Qt cannot be found, have a look at
+ and download the latest Qt 3.3.x release.
+Be advised, if you're using FreeBSD, then please do not use the Qt port that
+comes along with it.
+kdebase's configure script supports all the standard GNU autoconf options
+(you can have the various options listed for you by specifying the --help
+switch), plus the following options are also supported. Note: the *non*
+default variation is listed, so if you see --enable-debug, the default is
+--disable debug.
+ use X include files in DIR
+ use X library files in DIR
+ creates debugging code [default=no]
+ Add strict[er] compiler options (may not work!) to the CFLAGS and
+ CXXFLAGS. This is GNU CC specific for the time being.
+ assume the C compiler uses GNU ld [default=no]
+ force libtool not to do file locking
+ do not use Native Language Support (i18n)
+ where the root of qt is installed
+ look for the Qt header files in DIR
+ look for the Qt library in DIR
+ look for include files in DIR in addition to any other
+ `standard' paths
+ look for [extra] libraries in DIR too
+ don't try to make sure that kdebase is installed into the same
+ base KDE directory as the rest of KDE
+ the root to install to [default=/] (i.e. make / == DIR, so /usr
+ becomes DIR/usr)
+ do not use the rpath feature of ld
+ use xdm (and config files) from DIR if the xdm config dir can't be
+ found automaticly
+ enable support for PAM: ARG=[yes|no|service name]
+ if you want to check for and use shadow password support if it's present
+ disable any software which depends on OpenGL
+ disable color pixmap XPM tests
+ enable Xinerama support
+Please check ./configure --help for a more current list of options and what
+they do.
+You can use --enable-debug with the configure script, if you want to have
+debug code in your KDE apps and libs. If you experience problems and want to
+report problems to the KDE Bugs database, it is recommended to recompile
+with this switch enabled to make the backtraces more verbose (and thus
+giving the developer more information about the cause of the bug).
+You can use 'make uninstall' if you want to remove the kde from the dirs.
+This feature has not been tested completely, and is depreciated. On a system
+where KDEDIR is specific to KDE (i.e. not /usr), rm -rf $KDEDIR does it as
+More Info
+If your system does not have XPM installed, and you cannot locate a package
+of it, you may obtain it from, or you may find
+it in
+If you are running a FreeBSD system, you will need to make sure that LIBS is
+set to "-Wl,-export-dynamic". The easiest way to do this is to prefix
+configure with it, i.e.: LIBS="-Wl,-export-dynamic" ./configure. Thanks to
+Will Andrews <> and Arun Sharma <>
+for identifying what needed to be done, and how to do it, and such.
+If your system supports PAM (Plugable Authentication Modules), please see
+the README.pam file in this directory for more information about using KDE
+with PAM.
+Have a look at the individual subdirectories, if you would like to find out
+more about a specific application included in kdebase.
+More FAQs on
+If you have problems compiling and installing this package, please check the mailing list archive (see to see if
+somebody had a similiar problem already. If not, try posting a message to
+the list with detailed information about the compile problem.
+General KDE discussions should go to the KDE mailing list (