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Additional renaming of kde to tde
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@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@ programs which kappfinder installs into the applnk directory of KDE.
kappfinder used to install .directory files as well because in the past the
non-KDE applications were installed in their own directory seperated from
the main KDE applications. This is no longer the case, all .directory files
-are maintained in kdebase/applnk.
+are maintained in tdebase/applnk.
Terminal applications however are in a seperate directory. This is done by
creating a subdirectory for the category (e.g. Internet/Terminal) and
-installing the .directory from kdebase/applnk and the application .desktop
-files from kdebase/kappfinder/apps/
+installing the .directory from tdebase/applnk and the application .desktop
+files from tdebase/kappfinder/apps/