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Additional k => tde renaming and fixes
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diff --git a/kcontrol/input/xcursor/themepage.cpp b/kcontrol/input/xcursor/themepage.cpp
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--- a/kcontrol/input/xcursor/themepage.cpp
+++ b/kcontrol/input/xcursor/themepage.cpp
@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ void ThemePage::removeClicked()
// theme with the same name, we shouldn't remove the theme from the list if it's
// still available elsewhere. This could be solved by calling insertThemes() here,
// but since TDEIO::del() is an asynchronos operation, the theme we're deleting will
- // be readded to the list again before KIO has removed it.
+ // be readded to the list again before TDEIO has removed it.