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Branding cleanup: K Desktop -> Trinity Desktop
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diff --git a/kcontrol/ebrowsing/main.cpp b/kcontrol/ebrowsing/main.cpp
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--- a/kcontrol/ebrowsing/main.cpp
+++ b/kcontrol/ebrowsing/main.cpp
@@ -47,14 +47,14 @@ KURIFilterModule::KURIFilterModule(TQWidget *parent, const char *name, const TQS
filter = KURIFilter::self();
setQuickHelp( i18n("<h1>Enhanced Browsing</h1> In this module you can configure some enhanced browsing"
- " features of KDE. <h2>Internet Keywords</h2>Internet Keywords let you"
+ " features of TDE. <h2>Internet Keywords</h2>Internet Keywords let you"
" type in the name of a brand, a project, a celebrity, etc... and go to the"
" relevant location. For example you can just type"
- " \"KDE\" or \"K Desktop Environment\" in Konqueror to go to KDE's homepage."
+ " \"TDE\" or \"Trinity Desktop Environment\" in Konqueror to go to TDE's homepage."
"<h2>Web Shortcuts</h2>Web Shortcuts are a quick way of using Web search engines. For example, type \"altavista:frobozz\""
" or \"av:frobozz\" and Konqueror will do a search on AltaVista for \"frobozz\"."
" Even easier: just press Alt+F2 (if you have not"
- " changed this shortcut) and enter the shortcut in the KDE Run Command dialog."));
+ " changed this shortcut) and enter the shortcut in the TDE Run Command dialog."));
TQVBoxLayout *layout = new TQVBoxLayout(this);