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Konsole: CSI 2J: Do not append current screen to history
Summary: This behavior is present in e.g. xterm and linux console. Currently when using CSI 2J escape sequence, screen contents are appended to scrollback (including bottom empty lines). This is breaking `clear` command, which replaces scrollback with current screen contents. BUG: 384218 Test Plan: * Start Konsole with a shell * `clear` **Expected result:** Cleared display, empty scrollback. **Actual result:** Cleared display, but scrollback contains previous display contents. --- * Start Konsole with a shell * seq 1000 * `echo -ne '\033[2J` **Expected result:** Cleared display, numbers in last scrollback lines. **Actual result:** Cleared display, but scrollback contains previous display contents (i.e. shell prompt in last lines) Reviewers: #konsole, hindenburg Reviewed By: #konsole, hindenburg Subscribers: hindenburg, konsole-devel, #konsole Tags: #konsole Differential Revision: Taken from KDE patches and adapted to TDE. Signed-off-by: Slávek Banko <>
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