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--- a/nsplugins/README
+++ b/nsplugins/README
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ Parts
The Netscape(R) browser plugin support consists of 3 parts:
-- "PluginPart" KPart which is embedded into KHTML pages
+- "PluginPart" KPart which is embedded into TDEHTML pages
(alone, it looks no different than a gray rectangle)
- "nspluginviewer", a separate application which is capable of
actually loading and playing the various Netscape(R) plugins.
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ Viewer
Implemented in: viewer/
The viewer is a KDE component used to embed Netscape(R) plugins
-into KDE applications (such as KHTML / Konqueror). To the plugin, it
+into KDE applications (such as TDEHTML / Konqueror). To the plugin, it
emulates a Netscape(R) browser, while outside - it offers a standard KParts
@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ browser plugin execution environment, it still lacks the following features:
Support for LiveConnect (for JavaScript support) requires:
- Reimplementation of Netscape's JRI functions (see sdk/jri.h)
to communicate back (via DCOP?) with the PluginPart, which'll
- signal them to KHTML's KJS interpretor. KParts::BrowserExtension
+ signal them to TDEHTML's KJS interpretor. KParts::BrowserExtension
should be extended to support those signals. Of course, only
JRI calls in the "netscape.javascript" namespace should be handled.
- Implementation of g_NPN_GetJavaEnv and g_NPN_GetJavaPeer
@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ browser plugin execution environment, it still lacks the following features:
- Implementing g_NPN_GetValue(NPNVjavascriptEnabledBool, ...)
(currently always returns "false").
Should involve adding a slot to KParts::BrowserExtension
- and making KHTML signal it whenever JS gets enabled or disabled.
+ and making TDEHTML signal it whenever JS gets enabled or disabled.
LiveConnect will probably never be supported due to JRE ABI issues, and
the fact that we need to have a JRE with JNI inside the nspluginviewer.
diff --git a/nsplugins/TESTCASES b/nsplugins/TESTCASES
index 6f1be178..f846cd22 100644
--- a/nsplugins/TESTCASES
+++ b/nsplugins/TESTCASES
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
When making changes to nsplugin.cpp or related areas, please try to test as
many, if not all of the following plugins before and after the changes. It
-is also useful to test in embedded mode in KHTML, as well as with kfmclient
+is also useful to test in embedded mode in TDEHTML, as well as with kfmclient
loading it into a clean konqueror pane.
LiveConnect is not particularily supported, and probably never will be. Most
diff --git a/nsplugins/nspluginloader.cpp b/nsplugins/nspluginloader.cpp
index 87191a5d..5ef7d83d 100644
--- a/nsplugins/nspluginloader.cpp
+++ b/nsplugins/nspluginloader.cpp
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ void NSPluginInstance::init(const TQCString& app, const TQCString& obj)
_button = 0L;
// Protection against repeated NPSetWindow() - Flash v9,0,115,0 doesn't handle
// repeated NPSetWindow() calls properly, which happens when NSPluginInstance is first
- // shown and then resized. Which is what happens with KHTML. Therefore use 'shown'
+ // shown and then resized. Which is what happens with TDEHTML. Therefore use 'shown'
// to detect whether the widget is shown and drop all resize events before that,
// and use 'resize_count' to wait for that one more resize to come (plus a timer
// for a possible timeout). Only then flash is actually initialized ('inited' is true).
diff --git a/nsplugins/plugin_part.cpp b/nsplugins/plugin_part.cpp
index 97d56ad5..04294025 100644
--- a/nsplugins/plugin_part.cpp
+++ b/nsplugins/plugin_part.cpp
@@ -278,9 +278,9 @@ bool PluginPart::openURL(const KURL &url)
if (!name.isEmpty()) {
// hack to pass view mode from tdehtml
- if ( name=="__KHTML__PLUGINEMBED" ) {
+ if ( name=="__TDEHTML__PLUGINEMBED" ) {
embed = true;
- kdDebug(1432) << "__KHTML__PLUGINEMBED found" << endl;
+ kdDebug(1432) << "__TDEHTML__PLUGINEMBED found" << endl;
} else {
argn << name;
argv << value;
diff --git a/nsplugins/viewer/nsplugin.cpp b/nsplugins/viewer/nsplugin.cpp
index 874ac53e..00f98921 100644
--- a/nsplugins/viewer/nsplugin.cpp
+++ b/nsplugins/viewer/nsplugin.cpp
@@ -1510,7 +1510,7 @@ DCOPRef NSPluginClass::newInstance( TQString url, TQString mimeType, TQ_INT8 emb
if (!strcasecmp(_argn[i], "WIDTH")) width = argv[i].toInt();
if (!strcasecmp(_argn[i], "HEIGHT")) height = argv[i].toInt();
- if (!strcasecmp(_argn[i], "__KHTML__PLUGINBASEURL")) baseURL = _argv[i];
+ if (!strcasecmp(_argn[i], "__TDEHTML__PLUGINBASEURL")) baseURL = _argv[i];
kdDebug(1431) << "argn=" << _argn[i] << " argv=" << _argv[i] << endl;