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Fixed session locking at login. This resolves bug 2874.
Signed-off-by: Michele Calgaro <>
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@@ -745,18 +745,6 @@ if test $? -ne 0; then
echo "[starttde] tdeinit started successfully." 1>&2
-# If the session should be locked from the start (locked autologin),
-# lock now and do the rest of the TDE startup underneath the locker.
-# kdesktop needs to be notified of this locker process somehow so that
-# it does not attempt to launch its own locker process on startup!
-if test -n "$dl"; then
- $TDEDIR/bin/kwrapper kdesktop_lock --forcelock &
- # Give it some time for starting up. This is somewhat unclean; some
- # notification would be better.
- sleep 1
# Finally, give the session control to the session manager.
# See tdebase/ksmserver for the description of the rest of the startup sequence.
# When set, the TDEWM environment variable will be used as Trinity's