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<article lang="&language;">
-<title>Home Base URL Notifier</title>
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-This handbook describes the Home Base URL Notifier service.
+This handbook describes the home protocol.
-<sect1 id="apologies">
-<title>We Apologize</title>
-<para>No documentation has yet been written for this service.</para>
-<para>If you need help, please check <ulink url="">The &tde;
-web site</ulink>, submit questions to the <ulink url="">
-&tde; mail lists</ulink>, or file a bug report at the <ulink url="">
-&tde; bug tracker</ulink>.</para>
-<para>If you are interested in helping, please consider writing the help file.
-Submitting a basic text file is acceptable as the &tde-team; will convert the text.</para>
-<para>Thank you for helping and thank you for your patience.</para>
+<para>The home protocol provides access to all user home directories. While all user
+home directories might be listed, access to each directory depends upon file and
+directory permissions configured by the administrator. On many &UNIX; systems,
+the default permissions to other user directories usually prohibit access.</para>