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* Removed code formatting modelines.Michele Calgaro2020-09-2225-41/+0
* Desktop file translations:Slávek Banko2020-06-285-258/+17
* Kate:Michele Calgaro2020-04-112-9/+15
* Kate: added checkbox to select whether to display the session name on theMichele Calgaro2019-08-234-20/+39
* Remove old upstream URL of KWrite and Kate.Chris2019-07-272-2/+2
* Add CMakeL10n rules.Slávek Banko2018-12-091-0/+6
* LIB_QT -> LIB_TQT conversion to align to updated admin moduleMichele Calgaro2018-09-171-1/+1
* Kate session panel: fixed restoring of multiple Kate's main windows.Michele Calgaro2018-07-021-6/+2
* Removed unrequired comments.Michele Calgaro2018-06-204-8/+4
* Merge branch 'katesessions': add Kate session panel.Michele Calgaro2017-09-1518-1140/+2392
| * Kate session panel: added "Sessions" menu support.Michele Calgaro2016-10-087-57/+169
| * Kate session panel: removed no longer used OldKateSession and OldKateSessionM...Michele Calgaro2016-10-022-1040/+1
| * Kate session panel: added support for switch/shutdown session options and fix...Michele Calgaro2016-05-2311-114/+437
| * Kate session panel: fixed handling of volatile sessions. Also bug fixes and i...Michele Calgaro2016-04-215-95/+212
| * Kate session panel: added save_as and reload functionality.Michele Calgaro2016-03-254-78/+293
| * Kate session panel: added save and read-only functionality. Fixed up toolbar ...Michele Calgaro2016-03-105-29/+200
| * Kate session panel: added move up/down and rename functionality.Michele Calgaro2016-03-104-18/+225
| * Kate session panel: some code refactoring + completed GUI for "New session" a...Michele Calgaro2016-02-225-121/+233
| * Added support for "Delete session" in Kate session panel.Michele Calgaro2016-02-205-59/+134
| * Added support for Kate startup options and for "New session" functionality.Michele Calgaro2016-02-197-275/+339
| * Disabled the old session manager and switched permanently to the new one. Lot...Michele Calgaro2016-02-089-428/+567
| * Populated session panel. Now able to switch session within the new panel.Michele Calgaro2015-10-238-64/+165
| * Added initial version of new KateSession and KateSessionManager. The old vers...Michele Calgaro2015-09-282-1/+373
| * Renamed KateSession* --> OldKateSession* (except KateSessionPanel). This is t...Michele Calgaro2015-08-148-133/+133
| * Added Kate session panel. This commit contains the GUI elements. The logic wi...Michele Calgaro2015-08-107-6/+289
* | Fix invalid headers in PNG files and optimize for sizeTimothy Pearson2016-07-2329-0/+0
* Added option to suppress 'Find in files' error dialog in Kate. This resolves ...Michele Calgaro2015-01-042-6/+24
* Bring most mimetypes in line with XDG specifications. The following are not ...Timothy Pearson2014-10-221-1/+1
* Bring mail_forward, mail_new, mail_replyall, mail_reply, mail_send, player_pa...Timothy Pearson2014-10-134-4/+4
* Bring filenew, fileopen, fileprint, filequickprint, filesave, filesaveas, fil...Timothy Pearson2014-10-134-12/+12
* Bring undo, redo, find, and revert icons into XDG complianceTimothy Pearson2014-10-131-2/+2
* Bring up, down, top, and bottom icons into XDG complianceTimothy Pearson2014-10-132-4/+4
* Fix kate externatools command syntaxFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-1/+1
* Fix ServiceTypes, ExcludeServiceTypes, and DocPath desktop file entries to ma...Timothy Pearson2014-10-112-4/+4
* Use TDE data source for Kate and KDesktop new stuffTimothy Pearson2014-09-211-2/+2
* Fix unwanted drag and drop continuation when file modification dialog was sho...Timothy Pearson2014-09-202-1/+15
* Updated Kate session chooser image. This resolves bug 2079.Alex Couture2014-07-311-0/+0
* Fix wrong maintained kate MRU list if any plugin is enabledMichele Calgaro2013-12-142-9/+3
* Fix adding newly created documents to MRU list in kateMichele Calgaro2013-12-042-4/+12
* Fix remnant QMIN/QMAX to TQMIN/TQMAX.Darrell Anderson2013-11-282-2/+2
* Additional k => tde renaming and fixesSlávek Banko2013-09-034-6/+6
* Make kate install exported cmake targetsAlexander Golubev2013-08-291-0/+7
* Add the ability to force Kate into MDI mode all the time.Darrell Anderson2013-08-175-3/+29
* Fix Kate MDI activationTimothy Pearson2013-06-201-1/+1
* Revert part of commit 9dbcc3dTimothy Pearson2013-06-191-17/+0
* Fix sporadic Kate crash first reported in KDE bug 140135Timothy Pearson2013-06-041-2/+7
* Rename additional header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-1522-59/+59
* Rename common header files for consistency with class renamingTimothy Pearson2013-02-1411-16/+16
* Rename KCmd to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-062-4/+4
* Rename KIcon to enhance compatibility with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-045-18/+18