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* Automated conversion for enhanced compatibility with TQt for Qt4 3.4.0 TP1tpearson2011-01-0386-533/+533
* [kdebase/konqueror] remove some space characters from settings.kcfgcsamelian2010-10-191-3/+3
* [kdebase/konqueror] remove some space characters from konq_listviewsettings.k...samelian2010-10-191-3/+3
* [kdebase/konqueror] remove some space characters from konq_settingsxt.kcfgcsamelian2010-10-191-2/+2
* [CRITICAL] Fix additional rendering issues left over from initial TQt conversiontpearson2010-10-023-4/+4
* [CRITICAL] Repair KDM user list with LDAPtpearson2010-10-021-3/+4
* Fix Slackware FTBFStpearson2010-09-241-0/+1
* Fix Documents shortcut in K Menu and system:/ foldertpearson2010-09-241-0/+63
* Fix FTBFStpearson2010-09-161-0/+1
* Second part of prior committpearson2010-09-161-0/+9
* Part 2/2 of prior committpearson2010-09-151-1/+8
* * Allow Konqueror to compile with new libs-provided networkstatusindicatortpearson2010-09-061-2/+2
* * Massive import of OpenSUSE patches, primarily for bugfixestpearson2010-09-034-2/+20
* TQt conversion fixestpearson2010-08-0228-59/+59
* Trinity Qt initial conversiontpearson2010-07-31136-4477/+4477
* Repaired obsolete author stringstpearson2009-12-121-1/+2
* Initial import of Trinity 3.5.11 to kdebasetpearson2009-12-1115-52/+253
* Copy the KDE 3.5 branch to branches/trinity for new KDE 3.5 features.toma2009-11-25333-0/+52414