path: root/ksysguard/ksysguardd
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* Removed explicit usage of the 'register' keyword.Michele Calgaro2020-01-305-20/+20
* Added missing header in ksysguard/ksysguardd/Linux/netstat.cMatías Fonzo2020-01-251-0/+2
* Revive NetBSD supportOBATA Akio2019-08-1812-157/+244
* Fix FTBFS on freebsdSlávek Banko2015-06-122-0/+28
* Fix FTBFS on openbsd 5.7François Andriot2015-05-313-2/+4
* Enhance memory management in ksysguard on openbsdFrançois Andriot2014-10-132-0/+35
* Enable process management in ksysguard on openbsdFrançois Andriot2014-10-134-1/+541
* Enable ksysguard build on openbsdFrançois Andriot2014-10-132-0/+27
* Add lm_sensors optional support for ksysguardAlexander Golubev2013-09-083-1/+28
* Rename additional instances of KDE to TDETimothy Pearson2011-11-062-8/+8
* Additional kde to tde renamingTimothy Pearson2011-11-063-6/+6
* Rename kde libraries to tdeTimothy Pearson2011-11-051-1/+1
* Fix a number of issues in kdebase caused by C style caststpearson2011-08-158-56/+56
* [kdebase] initial cmake supportsamelian2011-01-232-0/+75
* Revert automated changestpearson2011-01-0710-12/+12
* Automated conversion for enhanced compatibility with TQt for Qt4 3.4.0 TP1tpearson2011-01-0310-12/+12
* Merged in remaining kdebase bugfixes from the Chakra projecttpearson2010-09-071-39/+154
* Initial import of Trinity 3.5.11 to kdebasetpearson2009-12-118-56/+56
* Copy the KDE 3.5 branch to branches/trinity for new KDE 3.5 features.toma2009-11-25105-0/+16206