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* Introduce additional sorting / grouping options and actions for KonquerorVincent Reher2021-12-172-0/+25
* LibKonq: modified setIcons() to accept custom spacing values.Mavridis Philippe2021-03-301-1/+1
* Renaming of files in preparation for code style tools.Michele Calgaro2020-12-0725-25/+25
* Added icons to Properties popup menu entry in konqueror, kdesktop and tdehwde...Michele Calgaro2020-12-021-1/+1
* Konqueror/KDesktop popup menu: sort service actions by filename to ensure con...Michele Calgaro2020-11-291-5/+4
* konqueror & kdesktop: default action for a media encrypted disk isMichele Calgaro2020-10-171-1/+24
* konqueror & kdesktop: removed "open/open in new tab/..." items forMichele Calgaro2020-10-173-52/+63
* Removed code formatting modelines.Michele Calgaro2020-09-226-12/+0
* Desktop file translations:Slávek Banko2020-06-288-300/+27
* Make sure to use default file manager when opening medias from kdesktop icons.Michele Calgaro2020-02-201-12/+1
* Synchronize German translation of web pages with the rest.Chris2020-01-231-2/+2
* Improve edit as root servicemenu entry.Chris2019-11-031-6/+6
* Add CMakeL10n rules.Slávek Banko2018-12-091-0/+6
* Konqueror: Do not include items that are selected but hidden by the filterSlávek Banko2017-07-071-5/+5
* Fix invalid headers in PNG files and optimize for sizeTimothy Pearson2016-07-235-0/+0
* Added required refreshItems logic. This relates to bug 146.Michele Calgaro2015-01-162-6/+22
* Call setActive if new focus window is found and set when rotating focus to ne...Timothy Pearson2014-11-211-1/+2
* Fix large file previews that were broken in GIT hash 3e7ad37fTimothy Pearson2014-11-143-8/+46
* Bring most mimetypes in line with XDG specifications. The following are not ...Timothy Pearson2014-10-221-1/+1
* Bring mail_forward, mail_new, mail_replyall, mail_reply, mail_send, player_pa...Timothy Pearson2014-10-132-3/+3
* Bring filenew, fileopen, fileprint, filequickprint, filesave, filesaveas, fil...Timothy Pearson2014-10-133-4/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of Pearson2014-10-112-2/+2
| * Fix ServiceTypes, ExcludeServiceTypes, and DocPath desktop file entries to ma...Timothy Pearson2014-10-112-2/+2
* | Second part of prior commitTimothy Pearson2014-10-111-3/+3
* If drkonqi launches during logout show it after 30 seconds have elapsedTimothy Pearson2014-10-051-3/+6
* Repair all known Konqueror performance regressions caused by early calls to e...Timothy Pearson2014-09-271-8/+3
* Added code to copy global bookmarks from /opt/trinity/share/apps/konqueror/bo...Michele Calgaro2014-06-171-2/+14
* Remove unnecessary KDirLister instance from IVI free space indicator moduleTimothy Pearson2014-04-082-24/+7
* Fix Konqueror popup menu hang when tdeioslave localurl job is not responding ...Timothy Pearson2014-04-071-2/+3
* Fix prior commitTimothy Pearson2014-04-071-3/+0
* Work around hang on popup menu opening in non-local directory in KonquerorTimothy Pearson2014-04-071-2/+5
* Fix localURL signalFrancois Andriot2014-03-142-3/+4
* Fix free space overlay not disappearing on unmountTimothy Pearson2013-12-271-0/+2
* Minor code cleanupTimothy Pearson2013-12-142-5/+10
* Fix remnant QMIN/QMAX to TQMIN/TQMAX.Darrell Anderson2013-11-281-13/+13
* Update XDG mimetypes.Darrell Anderson2013-11-083-12/+12
* Additional k => tde renaming and fixesSlávek Banko2013-09-033-3/+3
* Fix build failure when compiling libkonq separately.Alexander Golubev2013-08-011-0/+1
* Fix konqueror popup menu not working properly in media tdeioslave directoriesTimothy Pearson2013-06-191-1/+1
* Fix konqueror drag and drop within the same windowSlávek Banko2013-05-051-1/+4
* Fix desktop refresh destroying media device information and menusTimothy Pearson2013-04-201-1/+2
* Fix a number of issues related to the media kioslaveTimothy Pearson2013-04-171-8/+28
* Fix a number of issues with the media tdeioslaveTimothy Pearson2013-04-154-39/+62
* Add initial media device free space overlay to Konqueror icon viewTimothy Pearson2013-04-138-4/+310
* Add edit as root service menu to libkonqTimothy Pearson2013-03-213-0/+27
* Rename additional header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-1511-20/+20
* Rename common header files for consistency with class renamingTimothy Pearson2013-02-1412-13/+13
* Rename KComp to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-072-9/+9
* Rename KIcon to enhance compatibility with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-049-122/+122
* Rename many classes and header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-017-7/+7