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| * Allow contitional build with tdehwlibSlávek Banko2014-10-183-23/+20
| * Fix FTBFS on openbsd because of missing header in tdeioslave_mediaFrançois Andriot2014-10-181-0/+3
| * Fix FTBFS on openbsd beacuse of invalid headers in tdeioslave_mediaFrançois Andriot2014-10-181-0/+6
* | Fix missing semicolons at end of Keywords stringsTimothy Pearson2014-10-181-1/+1
* Bring mail_forward, mail_new, mail_replyall, mail_reply, mail_send, player_pa...Timothy Pearson2014-10-131-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of Pearson2014-10-1110-10/+10
| * Fix ServiceTypes, ExcludeServiceTypes, and DocPath desktop file entries to ma...Timothy Pearson2014-10-1110-10/+10
* | Second part of prior commitTimothy Pearson2014-10-112-4/+4
* Fix Keywords separators to match XDG desktop specificationsTimothy Pearson2014-10-111-53/+53
* Distinguish between CD types in media tdeioslave popupsTimothy Pearson2014-10-0614-61/+267
* Revert "Fixed "safely remove device" command as in pardus. This relates to bu...Michele Calgaro2014-07-141-1/+1
* Fix incorrect icon reference for blank DVD notification popup dialog.Darrell Anderson2014-07-131-2/+1
* Fully fix damage from prior incorrect commitTimothy Pearson2014-07-121-34/+34
* Fix accidental reversion of commit 0702f6Timothy Pearson2014-07-121-1/+7
* Fix blank DVD/BD/HDDVD media mimetypesTimothy Pearson2014-07-121-55/+49
* Hide underlying partitions/devices in use by device mapper and friends from t...Timothy Pearson2014-07-101-35/+41
* Fixed "safely remove device" command as in pardus. This relates to bug 1499.François Andriot2014-07-031-1/+1
* Fixed visualization of KControl->Peripherals->Storage Media->Advanced pageMichele Calgaro2014-05-192-2/+14
* Fix non-removable hard disk labels in the media tdeioslaveTimothy Pearson2014-04-171-1/+12
* Add missing TDEBackend::slotResult slotTimothy Pearson2014-04-072-0/+44
* Minor tag changes in docbook files, add new handbooks.Darrell Anderson2014-02-061-1/+1
* Reorganize tdeioslave help handbooks, fix related protocol files and issues, ...Darrell Anderson2014-02-061-1/+1
* Add new help handbooks, delete obsolete handbooks, fix DocPath in *.desktop f...Darrell Anderson2014-02-011-6/+3
* Rename kdeeject -> tdeejectDarrell Anderson2014-01-061-3/+3
* Merge branch 'master' of Pearson2013-12-271-1/+1
| * KDE->TDE branding cleanup.Darrell Anderson2013-12-261-1/+1
* | Fix free space overlay not disappearing on unmountTimothy Pearson2013-12-275-14/+49
* Add end-of-file newlines.Darrell Anderson2013-11-301-1/+1
* Fix allowing utf8 mount options in tdehw storage backendSlávek Banko2013-11-211-3/+8
* Allow mount options specific to filesystem in tdehw storage backendSlávek Banko2013-11-171-16/+30
* Additional k => tde renaming and fixesSlávek Banko2013-09-0310-14/+14
* Update media tdeioslave in support of Bug 1612Timothy Pearson2013-08-131-9/+190
* Fix unintended changes from prior commitTimothy Pearson2013-08-081-9/+4
* Disable session management in tdeio slavesTimothy Pearson2013-08-082-5/+10
* Update tdehw-based media manager for new mount APITimothy Pearson2013-08-083-32/+25
* Fix halbackend media name with UTF8 caractersSlávek Banko2013-05-201-2/+2
* Use hal to detect media types in halbackendFrancois Andriot2013-05-191-9/+6
* Fix halbackend mount point if media name contains UTF8 caractersFrancois Andriot2013-05-191-1/+1
* Fix media name translations in halbackendFrancois Andriot2013-05-192-1/+12
* Fix FTBFS due to missing includeSlávek Banko2013-05-121-14/+15
* Fix halbackend causes KDED stop on assertion failedFrancois Andriot2013-05-121-1/+3
* Fix tdehardwarebackend does not manage to invoke 'fuser' commandSlávek Banko2013-05-121-4/+12
* Fix halbackend does not manage to invoke 'fuser' commandSlávek Banko2013-05-121-4/+12
* Fix a number of issues related to the media kioslaveTimothy Pearson2013-04-171-1/+1
* Use the TDE HW library to eject devicesTimothy Pearson2013-04-151-0/+13
* Fix a number of issues with the media tdeioslaveTimothy Pearson2013-04-154-29/+17
* Rename additional header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-1526-40/+40
* Rename common header files for consistency with class renamingTimothy Pearson2013-02-149-12/+12
* Rename KCmd to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-062-4/+4
* Rename KIcon to enhance compatibility with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-043-3/+3