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@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ the other widget (called the TQLabel's "buddy"). Example:
(the <a href="tqlineedit.html">TQLineEdit</a>) when the user presses <dfn>Alt-P.</dfn> You can also
use the <a href="#191701">setBuddy</a>() function to accomplish the same.
-<p>See also <a href="tqlineedit.html">TQLineEdit</a>, <a href="tqtextview.html">TQTextView</a>, <a href="tqpixmap.html">TQPixmap</a>, <a href="tqmovie.html">TQMovie</a> and <a href="guibooks.html#fowler">GUI Design Handbook: Label</a>
+<p>See also <a href="tqlineedit.html">TQLineEdit</a>, <a href="textview.html">TQTextView</a>, <a href="tqpixmap.html">TQPixmap</a>, <a href="tqmovie.html">TQMovie</a> and <a href="guibooks.html#fowler">GUI Design Handbook: Label</a>
<a href="cursor-cursor-cpp.html#TQLabel">cursor/cursor.cpp</a>
<a href="layout-layout-cpp.html#TQLabel">layout/layout.cpp</a>
@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@ Enables auto-resizing if <em>enable</em> is TRUE, or disables it if <em>enable</
<p>When auto-resizing is enabled, the label will resize itself to fit
the contents whenever the contents change. The top left corner is
not moved. This is useful for TQLabel widgets that are not managed by
-a <a href="tqlayout.html">TQLayout</a> (e.g. top-level widgets).
+a <a href="layout.html">TQLayout</a> (e.g. top-level widgets).
<p>Auto-resizing is disabled by default.
<p>See also <a href="#75b2a1">autoResize</a>(), <a href="tqwidget.html#ab3108">adjustSize</a>() and <a href="#614dd5">sizeHint</a>().
<h3 class="fn">void <a name="191701"></a>TQLabel::setBuddy ( <a href="tqwidget.html">TQWidget</a> * buddy ) <code>[virtual]</code></h3>
@@ -294,7 +294,7 @@ the format of <em>text.</em>
the buddy accelerator key is updated from the new text.
<p>The label resizes itself if auto-resizing is enabled.
<p>Note that Qlabel is well suited to display small rich text documents
-only. For large documents, use <a href="tqtextview.html">TQTextView</a> instead. It will flicker
+only. For large documents, use <a href="textview.html">TQTextView</a> instead. It will flicker
less on resize and can also provide a scrollbar if necessary.
<p>See also <a href="#72cf09">text</a>(), <a href="#5de3f9">setTextFormat</a>(), <a href="#191701">setBuddy</a>() and <a href="#1f406e">setAlignment</a>().