BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feat/CMakeL10n-update-all_languagesAdd CMakeL10n rules to update all_languages.desktopSlávek Banko42 hours
feat/fix-suspend-codeTDE hw lib daemon: added standard DBus interfaces: Introspect, Peer,Michele Calgaro22 months
feat/unify-language-namesUnify language names between all_languages.desktop in tdelibsSlávek Banko9 hours
mastertdehw lib: fixed detection of mountable optical disks with incompleteMichele Calgaro2 days
r14.0.xtdehw lib: fixed detection of mountable optical disks with incompleteMichele Calgaro19 hours
v3.5.13-sruReset submodule main/tdelibs/cmake to latest HEADAutomated System7 weeks
r14.0.9tdelibs-r14.0.9.tar.gz  Slávek Banko6 weeks
r14.0.8tdelibs-r14.0.8.tar.gz  Slávek Banko7 months
r14.0.7tdelibs-r14.0.7.tar.gz  Slávek Banko11 months
r14.0.6tdelibs-r14.0.6.tar.gz  Slávek Banko21 months
r14.0.5tdelibs-r14.0.5.tar.gz  Slávek Banko2 years
r14.0.4tdelibs-r14.0.4.tar.gz  Slávek Banko4 years
r14.0.3tdelibs-r14.0.3.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.2tdelibs-r14.0.2.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.1tdelibs-r14.0.1.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.0tdelibs-r14.0.0.tar.gz  Timothy Pearson6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daystdehw lib: fixed detection of mountable optical disks with incompleteHEADmasterMichele Calgaro1-6/+8
4 daystdehw lib: reworked code for eject operation to support return type TQStringV...Michele Calgaro2-37/+66
9 daysAdjust CMakeL10n rules for new 'core' folder for main modules.Slávek Banko1-6/+6
2020-10-31Added support for locking/unlocking of LUKS disks using pmount/pumount.Michele Calgaro1-9/+65
2020-10-18Added safe removal icons.Michele Calgaro3-0/+0
2020-10-10Fixed mounting and unmounting of mapped storage devices.Michele Calgaro6-27/+70
2020-10-10Fixed displaying of encrypted disks.Michele Calgaro3-145/+71
2020-10-10Added udisks2 support for unlocking/locking of encrypted disks.Michele Calgaro4-24/+228
2020-10-09Reset submodule main/tdelibs/cmake to latest HEADAutomated System1-0/+0
2020-10-09Reset submodule main/tdelibs/admin to latest HEADAutomated System1-0/+0