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committerDarrell Anderson <>2012-10-21 13:16:08 -0500
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Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
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diff --git a/certmanager/lib/backends/qgpgme/qgpgmejob.h b/certmanager/lib/backends/qgpgme/qgpgmejob.h
index 49ec6834..844ca974 100644
--- a/certmanager/lib/backends/qgpgme/qgpgmejob.h
+++ b/certmanager/lib/backends/qgpgme/qgpgmejob.h
@@ -64,9 +64,9 @@ namespace Kleo {
/** This is a hackish helper class to avoid code duplication in this
backend's Kleo::Job subclasses. It contains several workarounds
- for tqmoc/signal/slot shortcomings, most of which the author of
+ for moc/signal/slot shortcomings, most of which the author of
this thinks are TQt bugs (lazy implementations), first and
- foremost the inability of tqmoc to handle inheritance from
+ foremost the inability of moc to handle inheritance from
multiple TQObject-derived subclasses.
To use it, inherit from the Job-subclass, then from this class,
diff --git a/certmanager/lib/ui/keylistview.h b/certmanager/lib/ui/keylistview.h
index 3f3edc03..5c711a77 100644
--- a/certmanager/lib/ui/keylistview.h
+++ b/certmanager/lib/ui/keylistview.h
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ class TQColor;
namespace Kleo {
- // work around tqmoc parser bug...
+ // work around moc parser bug...
#define TEMPLATE_TYPENAME(T) template <typename T>
inline T * lvi_cast( TQListViewItem * item ) {