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@@ -229,9 +229,9 @@ VObject tree can be pretty printed with the printVObject() function.
The output of pretty printing a VObject representation of the input
test file "vobject.vcf" is shown below. Note that the indentation
indicates the tree hirerarchy where the immediate tqchildren nodes
-of a tqparent node is all at the same indentation level and the
+of a parent node is all at the same indentation level and the
immediate tqchildren nodes are the immediate properties of the
-associated tqparent nodes. In the following, {N,FN,ORG,TITLE,...}
+associated parent nodes. In the following, {N,FN,ORG,TITLE,...}
are immediate properties of VCARD. {F and G} are properties of N
with value {"Alden" and "Roland"} respectively; FN has no property
but has the value "Roland H. Alden"; EMAIL has value and