BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feat/fix-tderesource-groupwise-soap-configFix missing feature detection for Groupwise SOAP interfaceOBATA Akio6 hours
masterFix to detect gnokii header fileOBATA Akio4 days
r14.0.xFix to detect gnokii header fileOBATA Akio4 days
v3.5.13-sruRemove cmake submodule since it has now been replaced by cmake-trinity depend...Slávek Banko7 days
r14.0.10tdepim-r14.0.10.tar.gz  Slávek Banko7 weeks
r14.0.9tdepim-r14.0.9.tar.gz  Slávek Banko8 months
r14.0.8tdepim-r14.0.8.tar.gz  Slávek Banko14 months
r14.0.7tdepim-r14.0.7.tar.gz  Slávek Banko18 months
r14.0.6tdepim-r14.0.6.tar.gz  Slávek Banko2 years
r14.0.5tdepim-r14.0.5.tar.gz  Slávek Banko3 years
r14.0.4tdepim-r14.0.4.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.3tdepim-r14.0.3.tar.gz  Slávek Banko5 years
r14.0.2tdepim-r14.0.2.tar.gz  Slávek Banko6 years
r14.0.1tdepim-r14.0.1.tar.gz  Slávek Banko6 years
r14.0.0tdepim-r14.0.0.tar.gz  Timothy Pearson7 years
v3.5.13.2tdepim-  Slávek Banko8 years
v3.5.13.1tdepim-  Slávek Banko9 years
v3.5.13tdepim-3.5.13.tar.gz  Timothy Pearson10 years