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Fix references of K Menu -> TDE Menu.
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Cleanbar requires SuperKaramba 0.31 or higher!!
Cleanbar is a simple taskbar, xmms control, and clock. Cleanbar is quick,
simple, and appealing.
-The Launch button brings up the K Menu. The play control buttons will control
+The Launch button brings up the TDE Menu. The play control buttons will control
XMMS (xmmsctrl is required). A clock is shown on the right. Tasks show up
along the middle and the taskbar works just like any other taskbar from the
last 10 years.
diff --git a/superkaramba/examples/taskBar/cleanbar/cleanbar.theme b/superkaramba/examples/taskBar/cleanbar/cleanbar.theme
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--- a/superkaramba/examples/taskBar/cleanbar/cleanbar.theme
+++ b/superkaramba/examples/taskBar/cleanbar/cleanbar.theme
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ KARAMBA X=0 Y=0 W=1600 H=31 LOCKED=true ONTOP=TRUE BOTTOMBAR=true INTERVAL=20000
IMAGE X=0 Y=0 PATH="pics/bar2.png"
-#K Menu
+#TDE Menu
CLICKAREA X=4 Y=6 W=64 H=25 ONCLICK="dcop kicker kicker popupKMenu 0"
#XMMS controls