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Added KDE3 KDM themer application
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+2005-03-22 (0.1): Initial Release
+2005-03-22 (0.2): Removed ugly kde conf directory hack with a *good* way of getting this!
+ Listview now works
+ removed lineedit
+ theme previewing
+ theme removing (no theme adding :S)
+2005-03-23 (0.3): Replaced 2 listview columns in favor of a qmap
+ fixed 2 crashes
+ added Copyright display
+2005-03-23 (0.4): Applied 7 patches from Laurent Montel to fix various problems of which include:
+ memory leak
+ change to superuser
+ don't crash if "Themes" doesn't exist
+ fix for kde 3.3.90
+ disable actions if we are not root
+ and a possible Makefile error.
+ Thanks Laurent!!
+2005-03-23 (0.5): Theme adding now possible! (code borrowed from kcmicon)
+ Known limitation currently is if you don't have a $KDEDIR/share/apps/kdm/themes/
+ then the install will fail the first time but will be successful the 2nd time.
+2005-03-23 (0.6): Applied another patch from Laurent to fix a potential memory leak.
+ Error dialog now shows what themes were not installed.
+ Added #include <unistd.h> to fix report by nightdragon.
+ Copyright information now updates when a new theme is selected.
+ Theme dir is now created if it doesn't exist.
+ Fixed a bug where a theme was not getting removed.
+ Display Description
+ If a theme's source directory no longer exists remove it from out list.
+2005-03-24 (0.7): Use KDM icon.
+ Moved to System Administration section.
+ Updated Documentation.
+ Fixed layout issues.
+ Applied 2 more patches from Laurent to fix missing i18n on Copyright and Description.
+2005-03-24 (0.8): Select previous or next depending on where you are in the list when you delete a theme.
+ Use information list dialog box to report failed installation of themes.
+ Prompt user if they really want to delete a theme.
+ Ability to delete a theme from disk.
+2005-03-24 (0.8.1): Fixed bug where installing a theme did not save the theme to Themes.
+2005-03-24 (0.8.2): Fixed crash on save where if you had a your Theme set but it doesn't exist in your Themes.
+ Fixed bug where you could install duplicates.
+ If we have Theme set to a theme that isn't in our list, and we do have a list.
+ Set the selected/default theme to the first entry in the list.
+2005-03-24 (0.9): If the default theme is removed set the default theme to the next/previous theme
+ on the list depending on where you are in the list.
+ Fixed UI issue where the kcm buttons (Ok, Cancel, Help, Default) were hidden at times. They still can be
+ Hidden however only if you resize the window small enough.
+ Updated UI tab order.
+ Added Theme Inserting.
+ Fixed Theme not found Error.
+2005-07-19 (0.9.1): Updated the UI (added a bar, autosized the listbox columns and top aligned the details)
+ Fixed a bug where the Insert Url box and Button were not being disabled when loaded as non-root.
+ Updated /admin to kde's in 3.4.1 (fixes the problem with --prefix not defaulting to kde's installed dir.)
+ Attempt at fixing the "cannot find kdmrc file" error.
+2005-12-29 (0.9.2): Disable widgets when UseTheme is set to false.
+ When loading make sure a thumbnail is displayed, if one exists.
+ Code clean-up
+2006-01-30 (1.0): Fixed an issue where when loaded as a normal user buttons were still enabled, but not usable.
+ Removed the Insert widgets in favor of a single install new theme.
+ Because we removed the insert widgets the same functionality is now available in the Install New Theme dialog, Click on a directory and click Ok and it will insert that directory into your list.
+ Fixed the lack of an access key for the Remove button (thanks to the one in #kde for pointing this out.)
+2006-01-30 (1.0.1): When inserting a theme configChanged() was not run.
+2006-02-23 (1.1): Applied a patch from Jonathan Patrick Davies to fix an i18n/l10n issue.
+ Removed Themes Variable in the kdmrc (kdm devs didn't like it :) The problem with removing this however is you can now no longer "insert" themes, instead they all must be your $KDEDIR/share/kdm/themes dir. If you have always used kdmtheme to install themes and not insert them, you'll not need to worry. This will also mean that your list can now never be lost! (unless of course you lose your themes directory.) Also being that this list is now auto generated if you remove a theme be sure to check "remove from hard drive" if you don't want it to show up again on the next load.
+ Updated address for the GPL license to match that found in KDE.
+2006-06-20 (1.1.1): Fixed 2 crashes 1 where no themes were found in your theme directory
+ and one where while installing a new theme when you didn't have any themes would also generate a crash.
+2006-06-21 (1.1.2): Applied patch from Chitlesh to fix a few errors in the .desktop file
+ Removed untranslated comment/name vars (if anyone cares to I'd love translations!)
+ Added a spacer in next to the buttons in the UI.
+ Updated Documentation (last update was version 0.7!)
+ You can now select Directories
+ Fixed removing of themes from the list to a less hack-ish way.
+ Few i18n fixes
+2006-08-12 (1.1.3): Added Indonesian/Manaysian translation to the .desktop (thanks kucrut!)
+ Finally applied a patch sent to me back when 1.1 was released, which fixes an issue when the kdmrc file could not be found. To the one who sent me this patch Sorry it took me so long, patch got lost in all my files and didn't apply cleanly due to the massive changes in 1.0.1 -> 1.1
+ Added French, Italian and Japanese translations to the .desktop (thanks Lorenzo La Spada!)
+ Fixed a typo which caused an error message to be printed when it shouldn't have.
+ Updated documentation.