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+Debian kde-extras Team
+1. Contacts
+General help requests
+ <> mailing list
+ #debian-kde on irc
+Packaging queries
+ <> mailing list
+ #debian-qt-kde on irc
+ <> mailing list
+2. Subversion repository
+You can browse it only at:
+To "checkout" the repository use these commands:
+ $ svn co svn+ssh://${ALIOTH_USERNAME}
+Authorized SSH keys are controlled at
+The repository layout is:
+- packagename/
+    - trunk/
+    - branches/
+    - tags/
+        - 0.7.2-1/
+        - 0.7.2-2/
+        - 0.7.2-2ubuntu1/
+        - 0.7.2-2ubuntu2/
+        - 0.7.2-2ubuntu3/
+        - 0.8.0/
+        ...
+If only one version of the package is available at the time, development must
+be made at trunk/ dir, copying the dir to tags/'pkg-version' each time a new
+release is made.
+When, at some point, the need to have two different versions at the same time
+arises (for example, if we need a version to be in unstable and a different one
+to be in experimental), experimental development will be made in trunk/ and
+if a new unstable package needs to be cooked, copying
+tag/'latest_version_in_sid' to tag/'latest_version_in_sid'+1 will make the
+3. Using svn-buildpackage
+Packages with an upstream tarball will require you to set the mergeWithUpstream
+property first (from the package root) so that svn-buildpackage will look for
+the .orig.tar.gz in the ../tarballs directory.
+ % svn propset mergeWithUpstream 1 debian
+Please note that this only works for packages which have only the debian/
+directory committed. Consequently, you must use CDBS's or
+dpatch to modify the upstream sources.
+After you have finished and committed your Debian patches via
+ % svn commit [PACKAGE]
+as well as copying the orig.tar.gz to ../tarballs/ if necessary, you may build
+your package with the following commands:
+ % svn-buildpackage --svn-ignore-new -rfakeroot
+Please, don't commit tarballs/ or build-area/ directories to SVN.
+4. Tarballs and Build-area directories
+During pkg development before uploaded to debian the tarballs can be found at:
+You need to place those dirs in the parent directory of the one from which you're
+running svn-buildpackage. Usually this means placing tarballs/ and build-area/ dirs
+in 'pkgname'/ dir, at the same level as trunk/
+If you want to compile inside one version in tags/ dir, you'll need to place those
+dirs inside that dir. Of course the easiest and cleanest way of doing it is
+by making a symlink of those dirs inside tags/ dir.
+5. Using svn-inject
+To inject a new package into the Debian KDE Extras svn archive you should use svn-inject(1)
+as follows:
+ svn-inject -o <package>.dsc svn+ssh://${ALIOTH_USERNAME}
+Type in your alioth password a few hundred times :-) and your package should be
+uploaded to the archive. Note you will also need to manually copy the
+package.orig.tar.gz to your tarballs directory. The -o option is important as
+this ensures that we 'Only keep modified files under SVN control'
+6. Versioning
+As the autobuilder and fellow developers will need to differentiate between
+versions that are uploaded into debian already and those which will be at a
+later point, do use the UNRELEASED distribution until the time you actually do
+upload to incoming. Whoever is not a DD himself should let the sponsor do that
+final step if that sponsor has SVN commit rights to the kde-extras archive.
+The autobuilder packs can be found at
+The logs can be found at
+As the archive runs britney, it may well be that a built and installed package
+is not appearing to the archive until its reverse depends are (re)built too. In
+case of questions, feel free to mail
+7. Automatic Backport hooks
+The checkout script for putting together the sources can run a backports hook
+for certain dists (like Debian sarge) which need certain adjustments to the
+source like altered Build-Depends. This hook is a plain shell script (or
+makefile like debian/rules) which needs to be put in the debian/backports
+directory and made executable by means of the svn properties set. The codenames
+for the current dists are: sid, etch, sarge, edgy and dapper. For an example
+see asterisk-addons/trunk/debian/backports/sarge which may be more illustrating
+what to do.
+8. Autotools, libtool, am_maintainer, buildprep and configure updates
+Achim, Please add some text in here to document when it is necessary and
+how we update the build enviroment for a package.
+In case any of the above is unclear to you or seems outdated, please drop us a
+note to the maintainers list.