path: root/ubuntu/maverick/applications/tde-guidance/debian/control
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* DEB: use _base folder for a distro instead of specific distros (squeezeMichele Calgaro2019-04-031-45/+0
* DEB tde-guidance: Update variant dependency to generic name 'init'Slávek Banko2017-09-021-1/+1
* DEB tde-guidance: Add variant dependency systemd-sysvSlávek Banko2017-02-091-1/+1
* Change debhelper compatibility level to 7 on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2016-08-071-1/+1
* Switch remaining packages to dh_python2 on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2016-01-301-1/+1
* Fix FTBFS due to split libtool binary into a libtool-bin package on Debian an...Slávek Banko2014-11-041-1/+1
* Fixed tde-guidance FTBFS on Debian/Ubuntu caused by removal of powermanager m...Michele Calgaro2014-10-191-12/+0
* Remove displayconfig module from tde-guidance on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2014-07-161-1/+0
* Branding cleanup on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2014-05-271-2/+2
* Update python-sip-tqt dependencies in tde-guidance on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2014-01-181-1/+1
* Fix checks preliminary versions in dependencies on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-09-171-6/+6
* Switch patch system from simple to quilt on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-09-151-1/+1
* Rename tdelibs4-* to tdelibs14-* on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-08-281-1/+1
* Fix unintended rename in Conflicts for tde-guidance on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-04-211-3/+3
* Fix Ubuntu -kde3 to -trinity automatic migrationSlávek Banko2013-03-201-6/+6
* Fix python deps on ubuntuTimothy Pearson2012-05-051-1/+1
* Fix tde-guidance build deps on UbuntuTimothy Pearson2012-05-051-1/+1
* Update section on Debian and UbuntuTimothy Pearson2012-04-281-1/+1
* Update Debian and Ubuntu Breaks and Replaces fieldsTimothy Pearson2011-12-251-6/+6
* Fix tde-guidance build dependencies on Debian and UbuntuTimothy Pearson2011-12-051-2/+2
* Rename pykde to pytde in Ubuntu and DebianTimothy Pearson2011-12-041-2/+2
* Rename a bunch of kde names to tdeTimothy Pearson2011-11-041-12/+12
* Rename kde packages to tdeTimothy Pearson2011-11-041-0/+58