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Rename KHTML and kiobuffer
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@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ void NSPluginInstance::init(const TQCString& app, const TQCString& obj)
_button = 0L;
// Protection against repeated NPSetWindow() - Flash v9,0,115,0 doesn't handle
// repeated NPSetWindow() calls properly, which happens when NSPluginInstance is first
- // shown and then resized. Which is what happens with KHTML. Therefore use 'shown'
+ // shown and then resized. Which is what happens with TDEHTML. Therefore use 'shown'
// to detect whether the widget is shown and drop all resize events before that,
// and use 'resize_count' to wait for that one more resize to come (plus a timer
// for a possible timeout). Only then flash is actually initialized ('inited' is true).